How To Format An Essay

One of the main aspects about an essay is the format that must be adhered to. In most cases, an essay adapts a common format. Therefore, it is in your interest to ensure that you have a clear understanding of an essay format and the elements that must be featured. That way, you will have achieved a properly formatted essay that will garner you a high mark. Here are some elements that must feature in your essay format:


The modern curriculum recommends that you should use a word processor in ensuring that your essay is in the right format. One of the formatting elements that you should consider is the font. The recommended font style should be Times New Roman. In addition, the font size should be 12. It is, however, notable that there are some cases in which you might be required to use a different font style, such as Arial. Either way, the specifications provided by your instructor should be strictly adhered to.

Line Spacing

Line spacing, in this case, means the space between one line and the other. Word Processors provide different spacing options; hence, you must adhere to the instructions provided. It is, however, notable that the recommended line spacing should be double for most essays. In some special cases, it may be a requirement for you to single-space your essay. The bottom line is that everything narrows down to the instructions provided. In an instance whereby specifications in this regard are not provided, then you should apply the double-spacing concept.

Title Page

The title page refers to the section that provides details that identify with the essay, the author, and the institution. It is important to note that the manner in which you format your title page depends on the preferred referencing style. It could be APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, or any other type of style. The common elements appearing in the title page include the topic, name of the author, and the name of the institution. In some other cases, extensive details may be required, including name of the course, as well as that of the instructor. The details needed generally depend on the instructions that you have been provided with based on the formatting style.


The common element, as far as essays are concerned, is the margin size and dimensions. All essays adapt the 1-inch margin top, bottom, left, and right. Any word processor bears the margin formatting feature; hence, you can utilize that.


Indentation in essays applies in two different styles. First line indentation applies in the paragraphs of your essay. This means that the first line of each paragraph should be indented to the right by half an inch. The second style of indentation applies in the list of references. A hanging indentation is required in the references in any type of an essay.


All paragraphs in an essay should be aligned to the left. Hence, you must avoid centered or justified alignment. You can simply choose ‘Align Left’ in your word processor and automatically format all your paragraphs.