History Sample Essay on The Entry of United States Into World War I

The Entry of United States Into World War I

World War I is a worldwide historical event of great significance. It took place in Europe between 1914 and 1918 as a result of excessive conflict and hostility between the European great powers. Colonial issues aggravated this conflict, disagreement over territories and boundaries, and diplomatic clashes between the great powers (Vander 21). The European great powers grouped themselves in two camps during this conflict. The Allies camp had Russia, France and Britain and the central powers camp had Germany and Austria-Hungary. America joined the war in 1917 supporting the Allies camp. This occurred after the Germans sunk several American ships without warning thus killing several Americans and this prompted the nation to declare war on Germany (Vander 43).

When the war broke out, the Americans preferred to maintain neutrality. However, after the several ships sunk in Germany, the American government had to retaliate. President Woodrow Wilson took the position that America had the mandate of maintaining global safety for democracy and they termed their act of joining the war as a means of ending it (Vander 62). United States majorly contributed material assistance to their British allies. Moreover, after America fully joined the war, they sent troops into the battlefield and contributed ammunition and arms for the Allies camp resulting in victory. Moreover, America crushed Germany’s economy. The signing of the treaty of Versailles and the league for nations marked the end of the war (Vander 79). This had numerous effects on American politics. The Americans rejected this treaty because of their isolationism ideology citing the following reasons: adhering to the treaty was costly, many soldiers were dying in the peacekeeping process, many Americans had Europe ties, and the Americans did not support British Empire. In addition, the women were liberated to vote in 1920 and Americans became more interested in African American culture.

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