Healthcare Paper on SWOT Analysis for Houston Methodist

SWOT Analysis for Houston Methodist

Houston Methodist is categorized as one of the leading nonprofit organizations found in Texas. It provides patient care, education, and research. Its operations are based on a network of eight community hospitals. The project has research center known as Houston Methodist Research Institute that conducts translational research for the organization.

Strengths of Houston Methodist Hospital

The organization has around seven hospitals plus other healthcare service locations with over one thousand licensed beds; operating rooms are around sixty-seven with over six thousand employees. This has boosted its operations and made it on top of the other competitive organizations.  The hospital is regarded as the number one hospital in the United States, according to the World Report (Lockwood et al., 2016).

Weakness of Houston Methodist Hospital

Despite the strengths and the opportunities that the organization has, some weaknesses can still be noticed within the organization. The first one is that the organization has a large number of employees; this makes it very difficult in monitoring all their operations and evaluating competency. Another weakness that Houston Methodist Hospital organization has is that it spends a lot of their income on research, yet it does not make any profit. The hospital majorly depends on outside donors so as to pay salaries for its many employees (Song et al., 2014).

Opportunities at Houston Methodist Hospital

This organization enjoys several opportunities; for instance, their research institutions assist them in carrying out research without depending on other organizations. The second one is that the organization has employed a lot of experienced and qualified employees who are dedicated and ensure that the aims and the objectives of the Houston Methodist Hospital are met. According to its ranking, the organization is seen as the best hospital that deals with heart-related diseases, which helps it in staying on top of its competitors (Bajgain et al., 2015).

Threats of the Houston Methodist Hospital

One of the threats that the organization faces was from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which was after they announced about the Zika virus test that had been created for pregnant women. The test was designed to reveal symptoms of pregnant women traveling to those countries where the virus was prevalent. The administration was accusing Houston Methodist Hospital of marketing a test which was being seen as a high risk and which had not been pre-approved (Feuer, 2013).

SWOT analysis chart



Availability of many hospitals, a lot of employees, adequate facilities and has been ranked number one in the united states of America.


Many employees that might encourage laziness, does not make profit.


Does not depend on other institutions to perform research, enough personnel in the organization, regarded as the best hospital that deals with diseases related to heart.


Its operations being questioned by FDA about the Zika virus test.




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