Healthcare Paper on Professional Organization in Nursing

Professional Organization in Nursing

American Nurses Association (ANA) is the biggest association in the United States, and it comes with some state connections. Members of this association, can access the online library which is rich in information and research. Only registered members have full access to some wide range of topics that has many subjects. A member can earn contact hours using these webinars. If one is looking for a job as a nurse, being a member of the association is an added advantage to the resume. According to the American Nurses Association, professional development is an important aspect in one’s career (American Nurses Association, 2019). The paper explores the benefits and opportunities nurses gain by being members of a professional organization.

Many nurses have become members of various professional organizations for many reasons. One needs to be a member in order to keep up with the changes that come with the health sector. So as to stay up to date a number of specialty certification boards demands that one has to take a continuing course in the area of speciality. The America Nurse Association offers continuing education to its members and in many times at a reduced fee. Another opportunity offered by the organization is career assistance. The organization advises its members who are looking for jobs for a follow up with its career centre to see if there are any openings, opportunities and also get advice. One is able to know the current trends on the salary and benefits of a particular job opening. The organization has a detailed website where its members are the only ones who are allowed access to any restricted areas such as the library and research areas. The American Nurses Association also offers certification to its members. Finally, the organization has an annual convention for its members only. Attending the convention offers an opportunity to meet other nurses who are also specializing in your area (Schneider, 2015).

There are high chances that professional group in the field that you specializes exist at the local, state and national level. It should be noted that being a member of professional group requires one to contribute some membership fee, participate in voting and also volunteer even if you are busy with other tasks. However, being a member ensures that you benefit a lot because the advantages outweigh the small disadvantages. Being a member of a professional group ensures that you form a strong group when you are starting your career. When one is done with college, him /he benefits from the professional umbrella of a well-established firm or employer. Belonging to a professional organization comes with an aspect of decency when handing over your credentials to a potential customer or applying for jobs (Rush, 2019). Another advantage of being a member is that one is able to form networks. Networking is usually formed when one attends functions or events in a professional organization that deals with your field of specialization. During this event one gets a chance to know colleagues in a much better way than before, bond with potential mentors and interact with close competitors. Forming networks with these groups of people offers a solid stepping stone toward your career opportunity. As a member you have full access to the database of the organization that post job vacancies. Also, one may get to hear about potential jobs posting from interacting with colleagues who work for other companies. Just by volunteering with the organization, and individual can accumulate points that are added to the resume, which is an advantage because it will be more visible to potential employers (Rush, 2019).

In some cases, these organizations offer workshops and trainings that enable ones to develop career skills even further. Much importantly, one is able to benefit from experience and informal training when volunteering with these groups which is an added advantage because one also gets to work closely with respected members in the industry. Sometimes, profession organizations host public events, dinners of even fundraisers which can be a platform for socializing. Here once can interact with individuals whom you share common interests with about your field. However, keep in mind that such event one should socialize professionally since it is not a place to gossip or showcase your partying skills. Finally, being a member of a certain professional organization is a rewarding encounter. However, being a member of many professional organizations can be difficult when keeping up to date with the news and events. It can also lead to financial strain as one is required to contribute in each and every organization.

It is clear that the benefits of joining a professional organization are quite many. As a nurse being a member of a professional organization will go a long way in the development of the career because a lot of things changes as time goes by in this field. However, it should be noted that it is not advisable to be a member of many professional organization groups in the are ones specializes in because it might be tiresome in the number of activities one is supposed to be involved in. Also, it might result in financial difficulties as one may be required to contribute in every organization.




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