Healthcare Paper on Health Care in Kuwait

Healthcare Paper on Health Care in Kuwait

Kuwait is a nation that has high-income level and with health care sector which is modern with good infrastructures and facilities. The government plays an important role in providing several services and amenities to ensure that the citizens obtain quality health care services. This is the reason Kuwait citizens are among people in the world who enjoy high health standards similar to developed nations. However, the government has set regulations on some issues especially regarding family planning, pregnancy and abortion delivery. Initially, before 1981, the government of Kuwait did not permit abortion in the nation according to Law No. 16 (WHO 1). It was an act that was considered illegal and individuals who were found delivering the services were heavily punished.

Later in the year 1981 with the passing on Law No. 25, the government decided to permit abortion to women who were pregnant but it had to be done before the fetus was four months. Some of the conditions that would permit abortion is when the doctor has discovered that the fetus would have serious mental malformation or physical challenge if they are carried to term. On the other hand, a woman would undergo abortion if the pregnancy is a serious threat to her life. The abortion would only be performed in government hospital with the approval of medical commission which comprise of three physicians who are qualified in obstetrics and gynecology.

In regards to family planning, the program is not active in Kuwait. However, contraceptive methods are allowed. All women must receive family planning and contraceptive advice before they can have access to them in government institutions where the services are offered for free. Pregnancy/childbearing is highly motivated in the nation by the government (WHO 1). There is a birth plan that is offered to every woman for the health care provider to meet all their needs during childbirth and caring for the baby after delivery.

There is equality among health care for women and men in Kuwait. The public sector provides overwhelming health care services for both men and women in equal measure. There are skilled personal that provide effective and safe health for every citizen.


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