Healthcare Paper on Handling a Challenging Moment

Handling a Challenging Moment

Life in college can be a challenge to many students who are unprepared for a complete transformation. I am not new to college environment, but what I went through after switching to a new university was beyond my expectations. The university utilizes a quarter system, which necessitates students to spend shorter periods for each course. Striving to manage all the course materials within a short time without missing lectures in the classroom has been the greatest challenge, which made me feel like I was not in the same level as other students. I had to learn how to go through the class materials as fast as possible, with the help of the teacher assistant, so that I could fit into the new learning pattern.

Time management has been the greatest weapon in handling the challenge of a tight program. I had to create a timetable that would assist me to go through the day’s program in advance so that I would comprehend what the professor would cover in class effortlessly. I tried exceedingly hard not to criticize myself, but I was unsuccessful. Sometimes, I would blame myself for failing to seek assistance from my fellow students. I opted to join discussion groups to ensure that I am on par with my classmates. However, the teacher assistant was quite helpful; he ensured that I have all the materials that I needed in time.  Had I known earlier all the tactics to manage time, I would not have encountered the challenge of working under tight schedules.

My advice to students who are joining the university next year is that they should be more focused and prepared to work under tight programs. They should make academic work their first priority. Learning how to manage time can assist in handling the challenge of the quarter system. Students should not fear seeking assistance from their lecturers whenever they have problems. They should not push themselves too hard, as this may lead to frustration. Instead, they should allocate some time for recreation to let the brain have a rest.