Health Care Sample Essay on Step 3

Step 3

            Improving ones health is a challenging practice that requires incorporating several strategies to achieve the goals. My journey to reduce the amount of sugar and alcohol consumption to a manageable level has not been easy, but being mentally healthy has contributed massively in this endeavor. I selected several strategies while searching for information to assist in improving my health. I have developed a personal health culture, which focus on maintaining good health for the future. I have connected this culture with my family members and doctors so that they can assist me in making necessary changes in achieving my goals. Appealing to my own senses has helped me to pay attention to what I have contemplated to achieve and focus on my accomplishment. I have also developed a follow-up strategy, which has assisted in evaluating my progress and renegotiate the goals whenever I fail to follow the initial plan. By creating time to contemplate and appreciate what I have achieved, I feel motivated to attain my health goals. The most valuable information about changes in one’s health is having a focus in life.

Rise in the costs of health care has necessitated individuals to look for alternative ways to improve personal health. Several tools can be exercised to improve personal health. Mobile applications have been quite helpful in making plans of how I will achieve the goal of reducing sugar and alcohol consumption. Apps have become my personal doctor through helping me in keeping time, as well as sharing information with my friends. Nutritional information from books and Internet has also played a major role in improving my health. The root cause analysis (RCA) endeavors to recognize the source of a health problem through determining what and why the problem occurred. RCA indicates that a single action can activate other action, thus, one should search for ways to minimize the occurrence of a negative action. By using the root cause analysis, I can gain information on why the problem may have occurred and how to fix such problem in the future. These tools are essential in ensuring that the goal towards achieving good health is on the right track.

It is very hard to survive without things that one loves. To survive this temptation of taking sugary foods and alcohol demands a person to have high levels of discipline. One of the barriers towards improving personal health is lack of interest. I know that I really need to change my behaviors, but in my minds, I find this exercise somehow boring. Financial constraints may discourage an individual to make appropriate changes if the cost of the substitutes is too high. Lack of motivation has also hindered the success in improving my health. I have tried to evade the barriers to healthy life through focusing on my future, since I know being fit will improve my self-confidence in the future. Setting realistic expectations, and keeping a diary of everyday’s activities has helped in sustaining the track towards achieving my goals and avoiding obstacles. Changing bad habits is quite hard, but once you begin experiencing positive outcomes, one would appreciate the contributions that he/she has made. I also try to avoid people who do not offer encouragement to my plans.

Sustaining a particular health behavior is not easy to a person with low mental health. However, when an individual makes up his/her mind to transform his/her health behaviors, the sky becomes the limit. My plan to sustain good behaviors will be determined by how I will approach the situation, as well as who is on my side in this endeavor. The best approach to sustain this endeavor is to create supportive environment through connecting to people that I trust most. In this way, I will struggle to keep on my plan in order to avoid hurting them. This is where family members come in handy. Developing personal skills can also help to push my goals to the future. Through education and research, I can be able to gather information that will assist in building my capacity to focus on my personal goals. Effective coping skills are fundamental in helping an individual to become self-reliant and solving life problems. I can also try to avoid being exposed to situations that will lure me into taking alcohol or sugary foods. Keeping myself busy will keep me away from consuming alcohol. Hanging around with friends who do not indulge in alcohol abuse will help me to tackle the issue of alcohol consumption.

An individual who focus on the future should create strategies that would ensure that his/her body is in good shape. Nevertheless, no one can afford to remain on the right direction without establishing appropriate strategies to guide on proper behaviors. Being in touch with the health care providers is crucial in maintaining good health. My aim is to continue seeking health information from doctors, as well as social support networks to sustain my health. Developing personal skills will assist in coping with barriers to appropriate health. Continued effort to improve on diet will result in change in personal behaviors and behaviors of those people around me. Creating more friends, engaging in hobbies, and getting enough sleep, are also strategies that would boost and sustain my good health. Effective strategies should accommodate individual’s goals and should be dynamic in boosting health.