Good Ways to Start an Essay

Good Ways to Start an Essay

In order to deliver essays that will attract your audience and compel them to read on, you should know good ways to start an essay paper. They way your essay is introduced will determine whether readers will be interested in it or not. The following section will not only show you some of the good ways to start an essay paper but also offer advice on how to choose the right approach to pursue when writing an essay introduction. Besides, you will also be able to find examples illustrating how essay papers should begin.

Essays are academic papers that require proper analysis and evaluation of the topic of discussion before writing. The introduction part of an essay paper is written to inform readers about the topic and motivate them to continue reading. The essay should start on a high note that can capture the attention of the audience. Therefore, it is advisable that you know a couple of good ways to start an essay for success.

Tips on how to choose good ways to start an essay paper

There are various ways through which an essay paper can be introduced. However, it should be noted that academic papers follow a particular writing format that you should always consider. The following are some of the points to also consider when choosing good ways to start an essay paper.

Get information about the topic

Despite the approach that you will pursue in starting the essay, you will need to also provide readers with a precise background information about the subject. This will be used in setting the stage for your thesis statement. Therefore, it is important that you evaluate your points keenly in order to come up with a few points or facts for introducing the paper. The information should be based on outstanding facts about your subject.

Refine your thesis

At the point of picking a strategy for writing the introduction paragraph, you must have decided on the main claim of the paper. But, it is important that you refine it further to ensure that it represents your specific reason for writing the essay.

When refining the thesis, you should also draft a plan that will be used to show readers how the paper is organized. It is recommended that you come up with a unified statement that highlights the main claim and plan of the paper.

Know the type of essay

There are various types of essays that you can be asked to write including analytical, argumentative, persuasive, and expository among others. Each of these essays play a specific role and requires a particular format or style of writing. Therefore, it is advisable that you also consider the kind of essay that you will be writing in order to choose the most appropriate approach for the introduction.

For example, a short story about yourself or anecdote can work quite well for a personal essay introduction unlike an argumentative essay.

Consider your audience

An audience refers to readers or people to whom the essay is addressed. Based on your target readers, you should always start the paper with information that they can read, understand and relate to with ease.

Choosing good ways to start an essay paper

Just as hinted above, there are numerous ways on how to frame the introduction of an essay paper. However, not all may work for you in every paper. The following are some of the good ways to start an essay that you can choose from.

Anecdote or quotation

It many circumstances, it is said that emotions appeal more to readers than plain facts. One of the best ways of evoking emotions in essay writing is starting the paper with a brief story that is memorable and relevant to the topic of discussion.

In case you decide to use an anecdote, always go for a short narrative that is engaging while also creating a clear link to your argument that will be expressed in the paper. You can draw from myths or legends that tend to answer a similar question to your own. For quotes, you should choose those that are outstanding.

Interesting facts about the subject

Another way to start an essay is giving some facts about the topic that are not known to many people. In order to make the introduction compelling, you should identify facts that readers should know but not likely to access. Find something out of the obvious to tell your audience in the introduction, ate least that would compel them to finding out more from the rest of the paper.

The facts presented in the introduction of your essay should be surprising and related to the problem that the paper seeks to address.


Starting an essay paper by highlighting something or a point that you disagree with can be another way of introduction.  For instance, you can begin by giving the long-standing belief about an idea, then transition to the different conclusions that your discussion will present. This approach is mainly recommended for argumentative essays.


You can also start an essay paper by posing a question to the readers. Rhetorical questions are often used but you can as well just ask one that deserves an answer. The question should be short and well linked to the topic of discussion.

Generally, an ideal way to start an essay paper should be one that can enable you to easily formulate a brief, topical and compelling introduction.

Writing an essay introduction

Depending on the way that you choose to start your essay, there are other elements of an introduction that you should also keep in mind. In fact, the good ways to start an essay highlighted above should mainly be used as the hook or ‘’attention grabber.’’

Other elements that should also be included in the introduction of your essay include:

  • Brief relevant background information about the subject
  • Thesis statement
  • Plan showing how the essay is organized

All these should be presented in the first paragraph of your essay to portray a typical introduction. However, you should always try to make the paragraph short so your readers can have a quick grasp of what the essay is all about.

A good essay introduction should start in the following order:

  • Attention grabber or hook: Among the various ways highlighted above, choose one to use in formulating the opening statements.
  • Background information: In order to put the paper into context, you should also give a brief description of the issue or problem that your essay seeks to address. The points given here should reflect general information about the topic.
  • Thesis statement: The introduction of an essay paper should also make a clear statement of the specific issue or claim that will be discussed in the body paragraphs and conclusion. The overall point should be coined into one or two sentences long for clarity.
  • Plan: Lastly, the introduction paragraph should end with a ‘road map’ to illustrate how you will prove or defend your thesis.

On a final note, the introduction should smoothly lead your readers into the rest of the paper. This implies, you should use a few connecting phrases to enhance cohesion and proper flow of ideas.

Although essay introductions should be short; just one paragraph long, certain longer or complicated essays may require two opening paragraphs.

Examples of Essay Introductions

By reading well written samples of essay introductions, you can also get ideas on how to easily select good ways to start an essay paper on just any subject. Below are some samples to refer to for more on how to introduce an essay.

Example 1

Sample Introduction for an Essay about Five Important Economic Factors Affecting Banks

‘’How Important is the banking industry?

Since the 17th century, the banking industry has marked its niche as one of the most important financial sectors in any economy. Indeed, a country’s economic prowess can progress or slow down depending on the performance of its banks…’’Read the rest of the introduction here.

Example 2

Introduction for an Essay on Human Sex Trafficking Around the World

‘’Economic and social imbalances as well as different kinds of conflicts that are as a result of politics have led to migration of people internationally and domestically throughout the globe. Technology mobility, sex tourism and capital has received a boost as a result of globalization…’’ Continue reading the sample introduction on this link.

Example 3

Introduction for Personal Statement Essay

‘’From the time that I was a child, I have grown an intense desire in the nature around me. I originate from a household of three with revenue of about $30,000. The household chiefly relies on my father who is a businessman. Looking at the exceptional impact he has on my life, I believe this is the motive I picked a desire in economics primarily…’’Click here to read the whole sample introduction.

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