Geology Paper on United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)


UNEP is a renowned environmental authority involved in setting worldwide environmental plan. This body aids in coherent implementations of environmental sustainability initiatives while advocating for safe global environment. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya from where it coordinates all its global environmental stratagems. Experts opine that UNEP strives to provide leadership where it is lacking and encourage collaborations to protect the delicate ecosystem (Clos, 2017). UNEP promotes environmental management by stimulating, enlightening and facilitating countries to improve lives of their people without compromising future sustainability of the ecosystem.

UNEP programs are aimed at integrating and promoting interaction between governments and other environmental stakeholders to reinforce environmental requirements and sustainability. UNEP is focused on promoting advocacy of environmental concerns within international scope of operations. The authority nurtures partnerships, skills and delivery abilities of nations geared towards environment sustainability development. The main focus are of UNEP include climate change where it helps countries to pursue reduced emission of gases and thus adapt to the ever changing environmental conditions.

The body addresses disasters, conflicts and support governments to reduce threats resulting from environment and implement future pliability measures. Further, UNEP focuses on ecosystem management to help all stakeholders to reconcile with environment growing demands to ensure sustainability of non-renewable resources. Similarly, the authority addresses environmental governance to ensure that any living organism survives safely through initiation of environmental laws and rights to address environmental crime. Also, UNEP helps governments and other stakeholders to implement policies, legal and established platforms aimed at ensuring effective chemicals and waste management.

Environmental suitability is crucial for the survival of future generations. Every stakeholder must take leadership role is ensuring sustainable use of the environment devoid of pollution and other concerns. UNEP is important in promoting advocacy and support geared towards protecting the environment. In my view, UNEP has been successful in its environmental protection and management endeavors. However, sacrifices are still needed to protect the environment and its inhabitants from extinction.




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