Geography Proposal Paper on The Megalopolitan Regional Landscape

The Megalopolitan Regional Landscape: Rhode Island – Proposal Outline


The section provides an overview of what the paper is about, its justification and the type of regional landscape chosen. It gives a general description of the key features of the megalopolitan regional landscape including proximity to natural harbors and urban life.

Sub- region

The section provides a general description of the selected Rhode Island sub-region as an efficient representation of the megalopolitan regional landscape. It also provides information on the rationale for the selection of the sub- region and its contribution to knowledge about the entire regional landscape. The choice is based majorly on the diversity of the megalopolitan regional landscape and inability to understand it through a general study.

Regional landscape

In this section, the key common features associated with the megalopolitan regional landscapes are described. These features include beauty, enhanced through proximity to natural harbors, diversity of soil types based on weathering and deposition characteristics, combination of natural and man- made features and the combination of flat coastal plains that change into rolling hilly landscapes referred to as piedmonts. The section is based on a study of various past literatures and does not focus on the differences between various megalopolitan areas.

Theme of regional landscape to be explored

The theme of the landscape in question is mentioned in this section. This theme is that of geology. The focus on geology is also described to be due to the variations in geology across different megalopolitan sub-regions and its specificity as a descriptive factor.

Relevant physical geography

The section mentions cumberlandite rocks which are the key distinguishing characteristics of Rhode Island geology.

Thesis Exposition

The section provides the aim of the proposed paper which is to explore the geological characteristics of Rhode Island as a megalopolitan sub- region.


The conclusion section provides a recap of the key ideas developed in the entire section.

Works Cited

Gives detailed information of the academic articles and books used for reference in the study.