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One of the questions asked by students and other people in need of online essay writing services is whether there is a company or writer willing to provide research papers free of charge. With the high competition experienced amongst research and essay writing services, the question is to the positive. Many companies such as think it necessary to apply all techniques possible, to attract clients. In deed, one could request a research paper free of charge from a number of companies that want to prove their prowess in writing. In other words, these companies seek to prove they can write high quality papers for you on ordering.

It is crucial to note that, not all companies are not willing to provide free essay writing services or research papers free of charge unless it is accompanies with other benefits like attracting you as the client to buy custom papers. Many offer essay writing services and charge for every page written.

research-papers-research-papers-service-custom-research-papersThere are two types of companies, from who you might get free essay writing services or research papers free of charge. The first category of companies provides free essay writing services or research papers free of charge by means of a sample. A sample research paper is uploaded on a site like For instance, not only does the company provide sample research papers free of charge, but also provides grant proposals for free, essays for free, and dissertation samples. Those interested in a sample should understand the category of the work they need: whether it is an essay or research-based paper.

Some companies, though do not provide sample research papers free on their websites, can supply the client with it. A client simply needs to request for one. A customer who needs research papers free of charge is expected download this sample, to assess its quality and get more convinced that he/she will get professional writing services from the company in question.

This sample has been written on a topic that might be different from the one you need. However, it is possible to get custom samples discussing topics related to topics of your choice. Usually, companies such as will allow you to order a paper customized to particular needs in case no sample is available as would be needed. The company advises the client to use this sample to confirm that they can write high quality papers, and then place an order for the topic desired.

Check if Samples have errors

We emphasize that the sample can help you select a good company from where to order papers. For instance, if their sample is well-written and has minimal errors, it might be an indicator that the company could write a good paper once you order. The contrary is true for those whose samples have many errors. In relation to errors, you should check errors in formatting, errors in grammar, and errors in sentence structures, among others.

Investigate whether the research paper is formatted properly in view of the standard styles of writing such as the MLA, Harvard, and Turabian, among others. Writers hired at essay writing services such as, have guidelines to standard formatting, at their fingertips. In fact, some use guidelines directly and are able to perfect on these papers.