Formal Report on Learning Outcomes expected from the Study of Global Issues in Liberal Arts

Learning Outcomes expected from the Study of Global Issues in Liberal Arts

            Over the years, the world has evolved into a global village due to the advent of information communication technologies which lead to faster dissemination of news and information to all corners of the globe like wildfire. The rise of international media channels such as CNN, BBC, Sky News and Aljazeera just to mention have given further impetus to the globalization of information. Since people are bombarded with this information from now and then, there professionals ranging from journalists and academicians who seek to understand the current issues arising in the global arena. This is the primary reason I choose to pursue liberal arts studies from Ottawa University so that I can be able to interpret and comprehend current global affairs. I am pursuing blogging currently and I applying what I have been equipped with in the university in the real world.

From my personal perspective, pursuing the course “Global Issues in Liberal Arts” has imparted me with analytical skills, problem solving skills, teamwork skills, communication skills and time management skills that are required to analyse the subject in detail. Hence, my ability to understand and articulate world issues from various angles such as scientific, cultural, historical, ethical and religious has improved tremendously (Hill, Ainsworth & Partap, 2012). In the early stages of my blog, I was to articulate myself clearly in the issues playing at hand currently in the global arena. I published blogs on the subprime mortgage crisis that almost brought the US financial market to its death bed. The blogs I have written have attracted a stream of readers into my blog currently reaching over ten million unique views per week. Several companies such as the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Bloomberg and Reuters just to mention a few have contacted me for a job position which I am currently preparing for the upcoming interviews. A job position will give me the appropriate experience that will act as launch pad for whatever lies ahead in the future. I don’t consider myself home and dry. I am currently doing extensive research

In the period of the course, I have undertaken assignments, projects and examinations that require me as a student to dig up information from respected magazines and newspapers and analyse the gist of the matter outlined in the various articles. This played a key role in giving me first-hand experience on what is expected as I prepare to venture out into the field of practice as a journalist, academician, blogger or whichever profession I may choose to join. Besides joining professions that may require me to apply the knowledge I have acquired in the course of my study, if I do not join a similar profession I will still have a clear understanding and interpretation of the current global affairs playing in the scene (Hill, Ainsworth & Partap, 2012). As a student I have also developed the innate ability to be a critical thinker hence I will be able to analyse issues and arguments that may appear to be complex in the society. In terms of personal growth, by the end of the course I will be able to articulate myself on the current global trends which will be commensurate to the ideas, faith, ethics and communal values that I identify with.


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