Film Studies Paper on The Film The Children of Men

The children of men

The thriller film Children of Men is built on P.D. James novel, which opens up in a war, ravaged British city. The film occurs in the future, 2027 where the world is on the brink of falling. Two decades of infestation by strange epidemics has left women barren and wiped of the young generation. Illegal immigrants are forcing their way into the United Kingdom, the only city with an operational government. Alfonso Cuaron manages to bring in the hostility to the world environment and the strife around human life.

In the future world filled with evils and strife, Cuaron provides the viewer with a restless camera to focus on the world. The long-range camera records the fragmentation in the world with scenes of violence, dead bodies, and ravaged society. There is so much strife on the dying planet. Death, disease, and violence are common in the face of the world.  Refugee crisis and terrorism are characteristics of a hostile world (Holmes, 2017). All the women are barren predicting doom for the world. The news of a pregnant woman and the birth of a child tend to halt the hostilities for a while.

Cuaron manages to express the continued search for freedom, peace, and calm which would reflect the world as the perfect home. Hostilities and strife have damaged the society and its comfort. Every society is struggling to find a place they can call home, assured of their safety in vain. The set location is dressed to depict a London city run-down by hostilities. The locations incorporated in the movie portray scenes of a dilapidated city, such as Fleet Street bombing. The director chooses locations without glamour and dresses them to make them look more ruined.




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