Ethics and Strategy Essay Sample

Ethics and Strategy

In all the aspects of life, ethics is a necessary virtue. This is mainly in the business sector. Liver notes that uphold ethical standards and corporate social responsibility (CSR) is rewarding to both the recipient and the one offering them. I concur with this argument because abiding by CSR and ethical standards enhances a clarity and consciousness, thereby eliminating the burden of guilt. Besides, it is satisfying to know that you are responsible for fulfilling the lives of people, customers and even workers. Through this discussion, I have realized that upholding the ethical standards and corporate social responsibility is a decision that one makes individually. This is because there is no amount of regulations that can make a person to be ethical in his or her actions. Thus, I realize that for one to attain incredible ethical standards, it is important to first achieve social responsibility due to the effect that it will have on the organization, the society, and the environment.

The discussion gives me the inspiration to embrace social responsibility even at personal level. For example, enhancing sustainability can be achieved based on the kind of lifestyle that I live. I must accept that I am not often conscious about sustainability when it comes to choosing waste disposal and energy sources. It is my hope that I will make an improvement of this from now on. Besides, I also hope that I will be accountable for my corporate social responsibility through the provision of sustainable and ethical services to customers.

In order to ensure the effective implementation of CSR, organizations should provide clear strategies and policies on corporate social responsibility. For instance, the Body Shape organization applies the Human Cosmetics Standards in its operations. It is also important to raise awareness through extensive training. Workers can also be motivated towards complying with the ethical and corporate social responsibility standards through acknowledging their efforts towards upholding CSR in the form of rewards and encouragement.