Ethics and Compliance Paper on Walt Disney company

Walt Disney company

Walt Disney company is widely known for its world class ethical standards that serves as the key pillar of it operations for over twenty years (Walt Disney Company, 2000). It has put in place numerous procedures in compliance with ethical code of conduct touching on all areas including training, internal controls, recruitment, prevention against discrimination and harassment as well as effective management of human resources.

During the financial year ended 2014, Walt Disney engaged Price Water House Coopers auditing firm to conduct an independent audit on its books of accounts and the internal controls. In its report to the directors, PWC submitted that the company’s financial statements represented a true and fair view of the company (Sethi, 2003). Further, PWC found that the internal controls of Walt Disney were effective during the period under review. Walt Disney has a robust training program that is administered through the organization’s learning management program. The role of the learning program is to ensure that the organization’s employees are equipped with the relevant knowledge to enable them act legally and ethically in accordance with the company’s standard of behavior.

Walt Disney has a unique hiring policy that ensures all the applicants have equal opportunity with regards to employment. It is the intent of the hiring policy to ensure that applicants are treated equally regardless of sex, gender, race, physical disability, age, origin, marital status or other bases provided by the federal and state law (Sethi, 2003). The company highly regards its employees because they are the organizational backbone. It has in place measures that aim at motivating the human capital to work towards accomplishing the organizational goals.

The organization’s policy bars employees from any kind of harassment or discrimination against other organizational members, customers, guests or any other individual in the course of duty on the bases provided in the federal and state laws including gender, race, physical disability, origin, age, marital status among others (Walt Disney Company, 2012). The management of Walt Disney believes that by incorporating these ethical standards, the company avoids costs of non-compliance and gains competitive advantage over the competitors in the industry.



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