Ethical dilemmas I encountered during my education

Ethical dilemmas I encountered during my education

There are many ethical problems I went through during my education. To start with is the cost of teaching which was very high beyond my parent’s expectation and they could not afford. This made me spend most of my time at home while my fellow students continued with their studies. It affected my academic performance negatively. During examinations, my classmates asked me to cheat on the test, and I did it because I wanted to keep the relationship with them but I highly regret now. Due to lack of information, learning new skills was very difficult and this tempted me to copy paste my classmate assignment word by word.  On  several occasions, I had to choose between going to party with my classmates or to revise for my examinations.

Most challenging course I ever taken

Biochemistry was the most challenging unit as I had to deal with big organic structures, develop my logic skills and do a lot of mathematical calculations. It is also forced me to develop memory skills and remember difficult structures of carbohydrates and enzymes. I also had to learn a lot within a short period of time.


Qualities of Penn dental school that I feel will make me achieve my professional goals

The best thing about Penn Dental School is that it has the best technology and equipment in the world which will help my dream come true. I will be able to treat my patients conveniently, fast and easily. The school is located in a perfect place that has many patients, and this will make it possible for me to practice and get more experience in using the ideal technology in the school. This area is also well known by many communities which are characterized by freedom, civil rights, and appreciation of scientific research.