Essay sample on Amino Acids Benefits

Essay sample on Amino Acids Benefits

Amino acids can be simply defined as small molecules that build proteins. There are two classes, essential and non-essential amino acids. All these are required by the body for several functions. Essential cannot be synthesized by the body and are obtained from the diets that we consume. Non-essential  on the other hand, can be internally produced by the body. Read on to find out the benefits that we can obtain from amino acids.

There are several roles that are played by amino acids in our bodies. One of them is that they have the ability to enhance antioxidant activity. This simply means that they can help in combating build up of excess fats in our bodies. According to research, it has been established that they can help in burning abdominal fat in women after menopause. However, it can also have the same effect in men too.

They can also help in the retention of muscle mass. Amino acids are used in making complex proteins that are renowned for building muscles when combined with exercises. However, studies have shown that amino acids can significantly benefit muscles even without intensive workouts. Even for those who take part in exercises, amino acids are still important to help in muscle recovery after training sessions. With this, there is no doubt that amino acids can deliver an improved exercise performance.

There are six that have been proven to help in reducing and preventing loss of hair. These six include arginine, cysteine, methionine, lysine, glycine and proline. Arginine is an amino acid that produces keratin and also helps in minimizing diseases that are related to hair loss. Besides, it also enhances immune function. Methionine and cystenine are ideal for protecting the hair follicles from oxidative stress. Lysine, glycine and proline help in the production of collagen.

They can also help in reducing arthritis. Arginine and methionine help in curing arthritis through reducing inflammation and aiding the repair of joints. Research has shown that methionine has effects that are similar to the impacts of conventional anti-inflammatory medication. Arginine on the other hand, can enhance the healing of inflammatory processes. Besides, it also improves circulation, thereby enabling the transfer of nutrients to various body parts including the joints.

They can also correct erectile dysfunction. Among the various kinds of amino acids, arginine is considered to be the most effective remedy for erectile dysfunction since it helps in improving circulation. It is the main building block in Nitrogen Monoxide molecule that helps in controlling relaxation of arteries. This further helps in regulating the flow of blood throughout the entire body. With this, people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction are able to withstand erection for a prolonged period of time.

They can also slow down the ageing process. Glutamic acid, glycine and cystanine are the three amino acids that have strong anti-oxidant properties. This enables them to prevent damage of cells by free radicals. As a result of this, the body is able to maintain healthy tissues, thus, stay young.

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