English Term Paper on Being a Confident Speaker

English Term Paper on Being a Confident Speaker

Public speaking is a gift that not everyone possesses. Many people always develop cold feet while others feel lots of butterflies whenever they stand in front of the people (YouTube 1). However, one can be trained or guided through the best ways to be a confident speaker who not only influences the audience but also captures their attention.

The first step is always about rethinking the manner in which to perceive the situation at hand. This will help in improving both mental and physical performance enabling one to become a confident speaker. The next step involves getting the audience paying attention, and this can be done by starting the speech with jokes to make them more engaged. When the audience is smiling, they not only feel confident about the speaker, but the speaker himself gains the courage and boldness to perform the speech (Stone 1). At the same time, laughter helps in creating trust as it breaks down the forces of boredom giving them a chance to focus on the speaker.

Further, being confident requires that you have a direct facial connection with the audience. It can be achieved by focusing more on individuals who are nodding or seem to be more interested. This will increase your boldness and take your nerves to a higher level such that you will not be concentrated on those who are bored or not hooked with your performance. At the same time, it is good to be expressive using gestures of different kinds. This will eliminate the anxieties within you and make you more confident (YouTube 1). Lastly, it takes a lot of practice to become a confident speaker. However, by achieving the goal of being a good speaker, you will ger the courage you need to face whichever kind of the audience.



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