English Paper on The Story is As I Lay Dying

English Paper on The Story is As I Lay Dying

The novel – “The Story is As I Lay Dying” – written by William Faulkner uses various sections, which are not numbered because the author wanted to create a continuous impression throughout the novel. The author’s technique was to present short sections whereby the characters proffer their thoughts regarding various events at play. Every section depicts an interior monologue. The latter attempts to reproduce the thoughts allied to specific characters. Thus, in cases where the character intermingles with other characters, his or her thoughts are interrupted via a conversation (Faulkner 3). Accordingly, the character records the conversation before proceeding with their thoughts.

Nonetheless, the novel is generally about Addie Bundren’s death and a long journey taken by the family to bury her. In the first section, Faulkner introduces some of the characters used in the book. For instance, Darl is introduced in the first section (5). Darl is the only son who understands all kinds of impressions and sensory images. Indeed, through Darl, who is the main character in the story, the audience feels the people and the land.

Cash –the older brother – is making the coffin for her mother under the window. TYhis symbolizes death. Most importantly, the section is linked to the novel because there are various comic facets juxtaposed to tragic scenes derived from the first section.  The novel’s structure depends profoundly upon the various tragic-comic combinations, something that makes it hard to analyze the responses to different scenes. For instance, when Darl confronts the father regarding the importance of throwing the lumber load, it is clear that Darl has a certain understanding and ability to accomplish certain tasks (6). Darl finally manages to be sensible and even stop Jefferson and a town man from fighting.



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