English Paper on Social Challenges in High School to College Transition

English Paper on Social Challenges in High School to College Transition


The article “High School to College Transition, Part Three” by Brian Harke addresses the issues faced by student when they join colleges. In most cases, according to Harke, when students are admitted to the college of their choice, they do not show the anticipated social adjustment allied to that particular college. Therefore, there is a need for students to draft a plan to encounter this problem by gaining a deep understanding of the college social structure. Accordingly, they should start building new friends before they are officially admitted into college. Moreover, it is pertinent for the students to identify and understand the rules and structure of the new social community.


  1. What Surprised Me? It is surprising that about 34 percent of students dropped out while in their 1st year due to their lack of preparation and unrealistic anticipation about college life. Surprisingly, 70 percent of the number was not ready to adapt to the new social environment.
  2. What the Author Thinks I Already Know? The author assumes that I know that a majority of student leave school in their first year. Accordingly, he thinks that I know why the student exhibit difficulties in adapting to the new social environment. As a result, he does not address the issues that make it hard for the students to cope even after they realize that they were underprepared.
  3. What Challenged, Changed, or Confirmed What I Already Know? I was challenged by the fact that a big number of students leaved school due to under preparedness. That has changed the perception I had. Initially, I thought students leave school because of rudeness.


Statistics. “Nearly 34% of new college students dropped out in the first” (Harke). The percentage proves the validity and preciseness of the statement.

Absolute Language. “You’ll never be fully prepared for what may come your way” (Harke). The word “never” has been used to show that there is no doubt about the situation.


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