English Paper on Fighting for the Rights of Chicana Community



John Locke, in his concept of the state of nature, advocated for the equal treatment of people irrespective of their beliefs or origin. We are all equal and created in the likeness of God. Why then would we be unfair to our fellow human beings?

Reason to listen

In our daily lives, we have encountered various cases of ill-treatment towards our friends and even family.


There has been a widespread violation of the human rights of the Chicana community. They have lagged behind in various aspects of life (Krogstad 9).

Preview of main points

Some of the challenges faced by the Chicana community include poverty, gender inequality, social and political instability, as well as low educational standards.


It is high time we put an end to the injustices done towards the Chicana community and embrace equality and equity in our societies.
Examples and ramifications

The Chicanos continue to face various challenges especially discrimination when it comes to accessing higher education (Garcia 5).They are also treated unfairly in their work places and are highly marginalized. It is also evident that the number of Chicano people present in the boardrooms or those attaining a degree is lower compared to the number of pregnant teenagers and those in jail.

Statement of Solution

Creating more job opportunities and ensuring better education system for the Chicanos will help foster a much stable society.

Explanation of solution

Besides, job creation will help reduce the level of dependency among families promoting independence.

Examples of application

For instance, improving the education system will largely impact in creativity and acquisition of innovative skills hence leading to application of such skills on solving problems affecting the community.

Restatement of solutions

Negative visualization

Besides, despite the level of underdevelopment that the Chicano people have witnessed, we appreciate the efforts that various people have put to bring light at the end of the tunnel because without them the community could be chaotic.

Positive visualization

We hope to see a future Chicano with increased Medicare among its patients. A Chicano that will uphold human integrity by treating people equal.

In conclusion

The society should try to reduce and eliminate issues such as racial discrimination, lack of access to healthcare and weak education systems. More job opportunities and scholarship should be created to cater for this minority community. We should also fight injustices and promote equality among every individual at all times.



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