English Paper on Being a Responsible Human Being

Being a Responsible Human Being

The capacity of being a human being is measured by how an individual acts responsibly. Personal responsibility is part of being in charge for one’s well-being. As an individual, I have been learning my sense of responsibility since I was young; and as I grow up, I become used to it. This has taught me to be a responsible human being who is capable of utilizing what I have learned as a young person to attain my life goals. A responsible human being understands his/her role in making their own life better, which also contributes positively to building a prosperous society.

Every individual has ambitions. Achieving a professional goal is one of those. Personally, I am responsible for my own destiny, and I have a moral responsibility to control my thoughts and emotions as I pursue my ambitions. I am also responsible for utilizing what my parents have invested in me: education. I normally work had to get the best grades, which, in turn, would enable me to secure a better job. Respecting my parents and other family members is part of my responsibility, and the opposite of this is an illustration of irresponsibility.

Individual’s responsibilities are tied to what they aspire to achieve in life. Hence, we are not responsible for everything that goes on around us. In my home, I am not responsible for the family’s finances, and I do not dictate how my parent should spend their money unless I am consulted. As long as my parents are financially stable, I am not responsible for paying my college education. In college, I am not responsible for reporting my colleagues who cheat during an examination, as the management has the responsibility to ensure that all avenues that could lead to cheating are sealed. Being not responsible should not be perceived as being irresponsible. Being irresponsible is the failure to demonstrate concern in one’s responsibility.

Sometimes, human beings are necessitated to contribute to the matters that do not profit them directly. For instance, keeping the environment clean, visiting sick people in hospitals, and warning my friends about drug abuse are part of individual’s moral responsibility. I have seen people throwing empty plastic bottles on the roadside; when it rains, such bottles block the drainage troughs, causing roads to become impassable. Moral responsibility goes beyond subjective choices, as society requires our contributions to function appropriately. I always take my time to participate in choosing political leaders because I feel I am responsible for enhancing good leadership.

Winston Churchill once said that the value of greatness is responsibility, and I believe that being responsible can elevate an individual to great heights. As a student, I take it as my duty to study hard so that I can attain my dream career. Therefore, education is one of the things that I take with utmost gravity. I always respect people who are older than me because I am also growing old, and I know I will feel awful when a young person disrespects me. Staying away from bad company, particularly drug users, is another thing that I highly value, as staying with irresponsible people can influence one’s behavior unwillingly. Although life is quite unpredictable, being responsible is the best way to attain big dreams.