English Paper on All it takes to steal your face is a special pair of glasses

All it takes to steal your face is a special pair of glasses

Today, the world is experiencing an improvement in the areas where passwords are needed for recognition. The use of special characters is slowly fading away as the world introduces the aspect of using one’s face as their password. Many people are using their faces to find access to their computers, online stores, as well as on their phones. However, Dave Gershgorn brings to our attention that the use of one’s face is not as secure as it has been thought in the past. It is still possible to get access to another person’s secure information by means of special glasses.

After reading this article, I realized that it is quite difficult to find a secure way of hiding one’s passwords from hackers. According to a security conference held on 28th October, researchers realized that it was possible to trick the Artificial Intelligence facial systems. After several trials, they realized that it was possible for the systems to misrecognize an individual’s face for someone else. This was possible through the use of a special type of glasses; the Carnegie Mellon glasses. These glasses have special patterns on them which have features that the computer perceives as facial details of a different person. Their manufacturing cost is $.22 per pair.

To sum up, Gershgorn’s information directly relates to the topic of internet security. Despite many businesses embracing the use of face as passwords in their business transaction, it is still clear that this is not the ultimate solution for internet insecurity. I learned that there is still a gap that needs to be filled especially when it comes to dealing with hackers and cyber criminals.



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