English Essays on Compare Dubai with United States of America

Compare Dubai with United States of America

United Arabs Emirate is an amazing country due to its level of economic and social development. Its capital city, Dubai, has unique identity marked by numerous magnificient skyscrapers. It is a typical cosmopolitan city where more 80% of its population is from different cultural backgrounds drawn from across the world. With its size and conspicuously tall skyscrapers, Dubai is favorite place for many people especially for tourists and businesspersons. However, it is incomparable to cities in United States such as New York and Washington DC.

New York, in particular, has the best urban design compared to Dubai. Unlike Dubai, the New York City has sidewalks. Dubai is struggling with several migration and labor issues. For instance, there are threats of suicide and deportation while many immigrant workers suffer numerous abuses. The authorities withhold wages. I dislike the fact that authorities in Dubai control various aspects of entertainment such as drinking hours. Unlike in United States, Dubai experiences some of the worst traffic. Despite its elegant and magnificent infrastructure, Dubai is not a futuristic utopia that people are looking for. It is bedeviled by high unemployment rate. Unlike in United States, the probability of being unemployed in Dubai is 67.12%.

One thing I like most about Dubai is the low cost of living. With only $8.17, I can have a decent meal in a restaurant in Dubai. However, in United States the same meal goes for $18.00. I like the taste of Dubai local and international cuisines, the low cost of utilities, clothing, shoes, leisure, sporting, rent, goods, as well as transportation services. I do not think the size of a country matter. This is because Dubai is very small but it is able to achieve significant developments. It is important to learn about other smaller countries because it gives us opportunities to learn how they micromanage their economy