English Essays on Asking for scholarship

Community Service Experience and Volunteer Participation

I believe that growing up in a home where I faced abuse-related problems influenced my career decision. I saw my father engage in irresponsible drinking behavior that gradually turned him into a violent man. This was one of the primary reasons for the change in how I viewed my family. Unfortunately, my siblings and I did not experience parental love. My mother too was indifferent towards us, and hence abandoned her responsibilities. She also suffered depression that frustrated not only her but also us. Everything changed after a social worker’s visit and intervention following a tip-off by one of our neighbors. These events followed my mother’s death and my father’s intensified indulgence in irresponsible drinking behavior. Together with my siblings, I was taken to an orphanage, and henceforth our lives changed for the better.

I chose to participate in volunteering in children’s home as I faced similar experiences while growing up. The negligence at home together with the environment in which we were raised turned me into an adult however young I was. From an early age, I was forced to singlehandedly take care of my siblings. My strong-willed personality drove me to get after school jobs in restaurants and homes. As a result of my experience, I developed a passion for taking care of children. I always volunteer to take care of children in orphanages since I can correctly relate to them. For instance, in the past three months, I have been working as a volunteer offering respite care in several orphanages. Besides, as a trainee social worker, I believe I have to educate other staff members on how to best handle children with disability as well as those who have faced abuse-related problems. On various occasions, I have been tasked with visiting residential care areas to observe how children live and interact with each other. The activity is essential for various reasons. For example, some children from abusive homes become violent after being abused physically or emotionally. I am responsible for preventing such a reaction or curb it before it takes root.  Therefore, I do rounds and take note of the kind of play and relationships formed by the children. Of course, their welfare is as important as their education meaning that I also focus on their cognitive development.

Other than children’s homes, I have volunteered as a social worker in hospitals where I helped patients suffering from chronic illnesses. I find happiness in helping to alleviate their suffering. Apart from accompanying and encouraging patients, I ensured their comfortability and enhanced their access to food. Moreover, I formed a support group with my friends and family members of the patients, and this enabled us to help more patients within a short duration. I have also served as a volunteer in homes and schools to deal with cases of child abuse. Through this, I can identify children who need critical care at tender ages. I believe every child has a right to education as well as being raised in a friendly environment. Of course, it is the duty of the society alongside social workers to ensure that the children grow up in an environment where they are accepted and protected.

Professional and Educational Goals and How thy Fulfill College Mission

I am currently pursuing a major in social work with a minor in entrepreneurship at the College of Health and Public Service. Before joining the college, I was an active volunteer, as mentioned. This is my third year volunteering with the aim of making the society a better place for children. Volunteering has made me gain the confidence required to counsel victims and patients. During my second visit to the hospital in which I volunteered, I met several other people with whom we shared goals and interests. There is no doubt that philanthropy has influenced my character and behavior positively. I am a role model to many, especially young children, and as such, I strive to be exceptional in whatever I do.

Volunteering has granted me social and economic satisfaction. I make a difference to families and the community at large, and this makes me proud. In essence, social workers are trainers and experts in contributing to societal change. Hence, they should be driven by the desire to make a positive impact in the lives of people and not monetary value. That said, my professional goal is to create a society in which children have unlimited access to opportunities and services, such as education.  Also, I intend to improve the lives of other people by addressing and mitigating societal vices. Indeed, these goals apply to my degree in social work. The fact that these goals fulfill the mission of my College cannot be doubted as they contribute towards strengthening communities through education.

My main aim of pursuing a minor in entrepreneurship is to acquire knowledge and skills in various contexts, particularly the economic one. I believe that these skills will catapult me to a strong economic position. Moreover, such a career sets the stage for offering financial support to the underprivileged. For instance, with entrepreneurship knowledge, I can start a business whose revenue can be channeled to supporting needy children as well as those who face numerous challenges in society. Additionally, it enables me to apply business-related skills, knowledge, and values, to improve economic situations in schools, hospitals, children’s homes and the community at large. Overall, my educational goal fits into the mission of the College as I will be able to apply the acquired entrepreneurship skills and knowledge in ensuring that every child in the community has access to essential services, such as education, with support from societal institutions through the provision of scholarships. I believe that my commitment to improving society, for instance through making a difference in the lives of children facing abuse and issues related to it puts me at an advantage when it comes to acquiring the scholarship. Besides, I have the much-needed experience in the social work field.

I firmly believe that I deserve the scholarship owing to my passion, commitment, experience, and qualifications. The volunteering period has taught me first-hand that it is the role of the social worker advocate for the rights of children through education of the masses. Many families I have interacted with were unaware that through effective communication with their children they can reduce the cases of truancy in school. Violence in many schools is as a result of poor upbringing. It is the role of every social worker to ensure that children grow up in the right environment. This is important because every child is the product of the environment in which they are raised. If awarded the scholarship, I am optimistic that the training experience will equip me with skills on how to promote education in the society through breaking the barriers of poverty. The experience will also make me become a better social worker spreading Mother Teresa’s mantra that love begins at home, not through how much we do but the love we put into doing the things we love.