English Essays on Appropriate Technology

English Essays on Appropriate Technology

Appropriate Technology refers to the ability to supply to the community basic needs such as; gas, electricity, food and water using simple and easy-to use technological designs based on simple inventions. This is a small scale technology that is simple to be managed by people at local level both directly and indirectly. The uniqueness in this technology is the simplicity of the skills used that the community is able to afford anytime. This technology has been of great aid to the community at large since they can now handle the basic needs without need for complex and sophisticated machinery.

The main problems that have been solved include the problem of breakdowns due to power outage in the community that would be difficult to repair and track.  Having a technology that covers a small area of residence guarantees reliability and availability of energy. Appropriate technology is therefore reliable to the community and helps in making sure that the problem of breakdowns does not affect a lot of people and lives in the society. Although simple, the appropriate technology also employs the current inventions and designs in technology such as photovoltaic solar cells, which converts solar energy into electricity to be used in homes and business.

The Appropriate Technology is a gain to the society as it is environmentally friendly and reduces pollution since it renews waste resources to generate energy. The technology is sustainable as the materials are always available locally at zero or less cost. This technology is well impressed it can be made available to almost every society and be of benefit to everyone in the society and the entire community. The ethical value of this technology to the society is positive as it helps the community to manage the waste in useful way.




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