English Essays on A Problem Our Community Faces

There is no doubt that problems are part of everyday life and every community faces problems. Often, community problems have affected day-to-day social, political, religious, and economic life of community members. One of the significant problems that modern society or community faces is drug abuse. In essence, a drug can be defined as a substance or medicine that has physiological impacts on the human body when ingested or introduced into the body using any other means such as injection or smoking (Shaw 6). However, with time, this definition has lost meaning and has turned out to be misleading, especially among youths. In today’s society, people tend to separate prescription and illicit drugs referring to the former as medicine and the latter as drugs. This has seen people focus more on the legal perspective of acquiring both ignoring the fact that drugs accessed legally can be abused as well. Research indicates that prescription drugs that are considered legal are more abused than illicit drugs, and this is a great concern. Drug abuse is fast becoming one of the most challenging and threatening problems faced by the modern community and society, and this can be attributed to various factors. The primary causal factor of drug abuse is the lack of education. Several drug users and addicts lack education or the knowledge about the adverse effects of drugs abused such as prescription drugs and hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Another factor behind the drug abuse problem in modern society is the high-level of ignorance and punitive political policies in place in various countries. With these punitive policies, people who frequently use and abuse drugs have been treated anti-socially. On the one hand, people who profit from the pain of people who abuse drugs openly accuse and demonize them. On the other hand, people have ignored people who abuse drugs as evident in the fact that no time is set aside or allocated to find out the facts and figures around drug abuse.

Drug abuse has existed around the world for hundreds of years and its effects have been felt for a long time as well. Since drugs were introduced, people who abuse them have existed further paving the way for social problems such as drug addiction and the social impacts that accompany the same (Murphey et al. 3). The failure to address the problem of drug abuse in contemporary society could pave the way for other problems and challenges. First, the failure to solve or mitigate drug abuse could see more people criminalized for engaging in the vice. Today, the criminal justice approach is seen as the most prominent and widely accepted strategy for handling people who abuse drugs. In fact, criminal justice systems have gradually become lucrative because of the fines paid by individuals arrested and convicted of engaging in drug abuse and distribution. However, the more the criminal justice system is used to handle drug abuse problems, the costlier it will get for members of the community. Labour and equipment will be required to strengthen and expand existing criminal justice systems to sustain the increasing number of individuals arrested and prosecuted for engaging in drug abuse. Already, prisons have become overcrowded with non-violent offenders, drug abusers being among them, whereas hardcore and real criminals walk free and threaten security of the community because of the lack of space to accommodate them. Governments around the world focus primarily in increasing the funding stream in legal streams to counter or mitigate the drug use problem while ignoring other important sectors such as health care and education.

Moreover, the failure to address the drug abuse problem could have adverse impacts on the overall public health sector. As it stands, the public health approach has been seen as one of the solutions for people struggling with the problem of drug abuse. The abuse of drugs results in health complications and others such as addiction and social-related problems. Health care facilities are increasingly admitting people suffering from health complications caused by the abuse of drugs (Shaw 13). This means that people suffering genuinely from natural diseases or health complications suffer in the long run. The increase in the drug abuse patient population in healthcare facilities has seen more funds channelled to the health care sector as well. This means that other sectors are stripped of cash, which is a big problem to global economic development.

There are several solutions to the drug abuse problem in the community today. Authorities should intervene and regulate media platforms that romanticize or glorify the use and abuse of drugs (Murphey et al. 6). Several media platforms today, especially movies, have made the use and abuse of drugs look thrilling and enticing to the audience with teen forming a significant percentage of this audience. As a result, teens have increasingly indulged in drug abuse that has adversely affected them. Therefore, authorities should step in and enforce policies and strict legislations that will see media platforms that promote drug use and abuse shut down.



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