English Assignment Paper on My Discourse Community

My Discourse Community

My understanding of a discourse community from my English class is that it is a group that shares common goals, that have a way of communicating regularly, and has established some way of determining who can participate in its activities, and provides information to members on what is to be done and when it is to be done. This can be a religious group, a football club, a student’s organization, being a member of an institution, or other community organizations.  From my understanding, I have identified several groups to which I can say they are my discourse community. These are my football club, my church youth group, and my boxing club. For this paper, I will talk about my church youth group as I feel it has many activities and functions that other groups can learn from.

For my church youth group, the main requirement to be a member is being a member of the church and being over the age of 15 years. One must also have passed through all the rituals and ceremonies performed to every member of the church before the age of 15. These include things like baptism, confirmation to become  communicant, one has to be a good and responsible member of the society, which means one is not associated with such behaviors as drugs abuse, being members of street gangs. Generally, just being a good Christian and adhering to the doctrines of the church.

The purpose of the church youth is generally to serve the church in things like ushering during church programs, ensuring the church is tidied up and well arranged for the next church session, and other such like activities. The other purpose is to be good ambassadors of Christ in the society by undertaking such activities as helping the poor like visiting children’s home or the elderly, organizing seminars, workshops, and retreats mostly for youths. We also help with youth problems such as drug abuse and addictions and we have a programme that takes care of youths who are dealing with major life challenges where we council and offer guidance to them.

Meetings are held every Saturday in the afternoon and sometimes on Sunday afternoons. The object of the meetings is to discuss the various issues touching on the group as a whole within the church and some of the activities that should be carried out in that line. In addition, we discuss any projects that are currently going on, as we assess how they are progressing and what should be done, and generally share ideas on life, general life as well as Christian life, any challenges members are facing, etc. If anyone is having issues, everyone shares an idea of how they can overcome that problem and how the person should go about his/her problem. This is actually one of the main reasons why I am a member of the community; it helps one to deal with problems, and show that one does not have to be alone in a struggle. It also makes one feel that he/she belongs somewhere in this big world, that one is an important member of society and that there are people who are concerned with your well-being.

Other communities can learn from this community by adopting the same activities we do and helping the poor, the orphans, the elderly, the physically challenged, the disturbed youths, and so on, and make their members feel that the community can help in solving their problems.