English 101 Sample Essay on Comparison of community college and University College

Comparison of community college and University College


Community colleges and universities are institutions of higher learning where students of various ages and backgrounds enroll. A community college is typically a two year institution that is instituted to offer the benefits of low tuition and convenient locations for its students who in most cases reside within the community. Students who enroll in community colleges do so for various reasons, including getting the necessary credits on certain subjects that may help them meet the university entry criteria they enroll in colleges to gain skills for a given field or if they want to complete a certain specialization field faster. Once a person graduates from the high school, they can either enroll in a community college or university college. Despite this fact, the requirements of both are in some way similar but in other ways, differentiated by the experience, expectation and outcome of the graduates who join these institutions. Most of the subjects and units learnt in both institutions are similar though differentiated by details. By this I means that English language, communication, history, mathematics are some similar courses that are offered in both institution. Both institutions offer education to students and other personalities so that they can perform better in life. One of the most basic comparisons that can be attributed to the two institutions is that the community college offers two-year courses and this means that anybody enrolling in the community college may join the job market faster than a university graduate who undertakes four years to complete their education. Despite this fact, the university major is likely to stand a better chance of getting a higher pay and employment chances than a college major if they both present themselves for a job interview. These and other similarities and differences explain the relationship between a university and a community college. As an advice to my friend, I will compare the similarities and differences that exist between a community college and a university college and explain why a community college is more advantageous than a university.


A community college is a nonresidential institution, which is supported locally or regionally and offers two or three year courses after which an associate degree is awarded. In many cases, students who have not attained the university criterion scores undertake the college course after which they qualify to join university after upgrading their weak scores. A university on the other hand, offers a four year graduate course as well as other master’s and doctoral programs, which a college cannot offer. One advantage of community college in regard to admission and subject covered is that subject offered are the same thou university are much broader but not more detailed than a community college.

Admission requirements

In terms of admission, the colleges have no strict admission rules and therefore they have open admissions to the students. This means that almost any student who has finished high school is able to access college education. University College on the other hand, offers its programs selectively only to students who have fared well in the GPAs or those who have graduated from college. The university therefore has stricter admission requirements and therefore restricts many students who would like to join the institution.  It is easier therefore to enroll for a community college programs since the requirements are less.


Unless in private colleges, the tuition fees in most colleges is cheaper as compared to university colleges. There is an assumption that university education is twice as expensive as a college education and therefore anybody wishing to cut costs usually opts to enroll for college education and then transfers credits to join the university. At the same time, the faculty members mainly focus on teaching as their main responsibility and in most cases, the requirements for a college tutor or lectures is masters’ degrees though some are emerging with doctorate degrees. This is a fact should help one chose community college since, the instructors have the same qualifications the university ones


In terms of the student’s residency, many of the college students commute to the colleges daily though there are some who may opt to live within the campus on a planned housing plan. Universities, on the other hand, are instituted to cater mostly for full time residential students who live within the campus. Though in the contemporary time distance learning and other flexible part time schedules are available, majority of the regular students reside within the university. Why board when you can study at the comfort of your home?


Those students who go to the college have the maximum attainment of an associate degree that is achieved after undertaking a two years full time education in a college. Universities, on the other hand, offer a four year course after which an undergraduate is bestowed with a bachelor’s degree, which is the highest entitlement for an undergraduate. One fact remains clear that community college degree is more convenient since before a university graduate completes his/her education, the college graduate will have gained mastery of a given field in the job market.

Similarities between a community college and a university college

Though community college and university colleges are two distinct but related institutions, they have similarities that include the prerequisites for admission. For any applicant to join any of the institutions certain qualifications have to be met and these include passing the high school education or the GED, having attained certain average points and have a letter of recommendation among others. At the same time, both institutions have workforce training programs as well as continuing education programs. It should be noted that both the college and universities offer specific trainings for a given field. Continuing education helps professionals and other graduates to update their skills so that they may stay in line with the changing market demands. Finally, both college and universities have transferable credits, which help a student to transfer from a college to a university and vice versa without any problem provided the courses are the same.


Community college education is better than a university college. Colleges in most cases do absorb people with lower GPAs and therefore many people can join. At the same time, one gets experience if they want to upgrade their studies. In most cases, colleges are local based whereby the members of the community take the biggest slots in their occupancy unlike the university, which takes the national dimension in its enrollment. Those who want to gain professional education cheaply and fast may opt to take the community college course. Unlike the universities who charge almost twice the amount of tuition costs, community college tuition is affordable and targets students who commute daily to the college. They both offer continuing education as well as workforce training programs. All in all, the choice of institution that an individual would want to join depends on various factors like the amount of finance available, the high school academic performance, personal factors and the goals expected to be achieved after college. In the cotemporary competitive job market, I would advice my friend to take on a community college education since it is cheaper, more accommodative and in most cases one gets the education that a university offers though with lesser details. Therefore, though university education offers a more detailed approach to a given field, a college education may also be vital if one wants to gain expertise in a given field faster.