English 101 Essay Paper on A Scene at a sport Event (Football Injury)

A Scene at a sport Event (Football Injury)

  • During my college life, football was not a school-sanctioned sport.  In my third year, I was not able to play for my school team because of the enemity among the competing teams, but supposed to play with my friends.
  • From year to another, the schools pulled together on each other, without anything being a big matter.  In my third term, our school hired the new coach, whereby we stopped playing a competitive football.
  • A competitive football was more common than the normal football we used to know. Besides playing with the local teams, we started involving us in inferior tournaments and play amid teams far away to our school.
  • I remember a time we were to  be involve us in a game for a lot more intense matches.  After yelling and entertain ourselves, we go for the tournament. Beginning match was fully different from any other game that me have ever participated. We playing to a college, whereby the game was rough and bad.
  • We hate these teams more than any others within the region. Because of pressure from my peers, recklessness misbehavior and drunkenness, I felt at the peak. After the beginning of the game, a college guy was going down the field at the next two minutes. I know how to charged him as hard as I can and pounded the ball away. This was a bad impact, and my shoulder was below than it is supposed to be.
  • This made the referee stop the game before I got up and go to the sideline. Our own coach, who is also a doctor told me that it was out of socket, which later popped back in.
  • I sat on the outside for an almost ten times before my coach requested me to go to play. I stretched, and take my arm parallel to my shoulder but my shoulder was out again, and then it popped back in.
  • This was high painful and it made me not to play the rest of the matches. For it was a tournament, we performed another match later in the day but my arm was throbbed once and a while with more of pain.
  •  I lacked a clue on how to arrive at where the following game was needed to be hosted, making me follow the coach. After all that, it was well happy although we had football match the following day. We lost it before we started moving to home to prepare for the next time. In the next season, very few of the players gone back.
  • I tried to talk with some of them, but I seemed not to come into contact with them. I came to notice that most of my friends, especially in the fourth year seemed to have disappeared. Because of this, I had to change my character.
  • I came to learn that because of my early age, I had poor skills in communication, influencer peer pressure, lacked sports character and kept no contacts with my friends. I also not to inform my parents about my injuries, which hurts even now.
  •  This made me realize that a sport is a societal event and individuals should employ good ethics required in the play. Also, behavior and proper training, avoiding of drug use and constructive group are crucial to both local and professional sports.