Engineering Case Studies Paper on a Speech on Corporate Social Responsibility

A Speech on Corporate Social Responsibility

1st Person

I stand in front of you to talk about corporate Social Responsibility. My research study involved looking at the Social Responsibility for the Sony Corporation and then comparing it with Corporate social responsibility within the construction industry as my poster presentation shows.

I will start with a quote by Pierce and Jameson, where they stated that:

 “If we are to create a sustainable world – one in which we are accountable to the needs of all future generation and all living creatures – we must recognize that our present forms of agriculture, architecture, engineering, and technology are deeply flawed. To create a sustainable world we must transform these practices. We must infuse the design of products, buildings, and landscapes with a rich and detailed understanding of ecology” (Pierce and Jameson, 2004).

As stated earlier, our research concentrated on identifying the steps Sony Corporation has undertaken towards social corporate responsibility in a bid to try and recommend the same for the construction industry. Our findings are that Sony Corporation has an extensive social responsibility framework which involves compliance with social responsibility principles, ensuring they produce products that are eco-friendly, responsible sourcing, training and development programs for their employees, and highly advanced technology arising from increased creativity and innovation. In the past, Sony Corporation has engaged in community programs such as support of relief for efforts for victims of Tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires and other natural disasters. It has also undertaken activities to support arts, disadvantaged youths, and protection of environment. They also have a program to ensure employment of disabled persons, and strengthening women in their careers.

2nd Person

In regard to Corporate social Responsibility for the construction company, this sector has been named as the most important and the greatest contributor to economic development. It has also employed the largest number of people in the labor market. However, just as it has many positive contributions, it  has as much negative contributions especially in regard to the environment and welfare of the community. Research has shown that the construction industry has very adverse effects to the environment including pollution of environment due to the many gases emitted during construction, land degradation due to mining and other activities, consumption of enormous levels of energy, and loss of forests and many natural habitats. Its employees are also faced with many health issues and unfavorable working conditions. As a result of these factors, the construction industry should take lead in implementing social responsibility principles which would reduce all these effects to the community and contribute to sustainable development. Some of the steps they can undertake include adopting energy efficient mechanisms, recycling and use of eco-materials, providing mentorship programs to their employees, etc. this will lead to a healthier community and the organizations will be able to reap from the many benefits of CSR listed earlier.

Thank you.