Education Sample Paper on No Child Left Behind Law

No Child Left Behind Law

Dear Senator,

The No Child Left behind Law is of a major concern to me since my school is a Title 1. The law suggests that Title 1 schools should make game plans for children to go to schools that are passing. Passing schools are those making their Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) objectives. This prerequisite still applies regardless of the possibility that it means changing to a school in an alternate region. NCLB says that all students in a fizzling school can decide to go to a passing school. In the event that there is no other passing school in your locality, you may pick a school in an alternate region.

I am concerned with the law because punishing schools serving students with the minimum arrangement and the most negative outside impacts for not having attained certain grades on any scale snubs the casualties of different isolation. Additionally, it energizes their educators and heads to leave significantly faster than they may regularly do. Yet, close or radically changing NCLB will not make our schools’ racial favoritism go away or bring about positive race relations in schools and groups. Indeed, numerous causal state strategies might stay set up. We require distinctive and positive strategies that address our racial issues, arrangements that appreciate and utilize the abilities of our educators. Unfortunately, such strategies cannot be about additional cash, nor if they lose NCLB’s great parts, for example, acquiring highly important information on all aggregations inside all schools.

Treating all children the same sounds great, yet it is exceptionally difficult to accomplish. Think about your children. How compelling might you think a school where all the instructors had social and racial foundations not quite the same as you; a school where teachers that comprehend your children’s experiences and talents are few? Where your youngsters are confronted with occurrences of badgering, preference, error, and danger? Where there is no demonstration about the positive commitments of your race or society to the basic culture? Where the schools latently acknowledge different manifestations of in-school isolation? Where your kids wind up in deadlock classes or specialized curriculum? Suppose it is possible that your children’s school just taught classes in a dialect they could not comprehend and they had no educators to converse with in their tongue. I deduce that just about any guardian confronting such a circumstance might think, to the point that positive approaches to address these issues were critically imperative. Thus, they are, regardless of whose youngsters are included.

I think each school needs the best for their students. I surmise that there are some that are stronger than others, to the extent to which performance is concerned. Nevertheless, I think with some aid from the U.S. Office [of Education] and different organizations, they could be trusted to try what is best for all children.

I appreciate your efforts and endeavors to support our education system. However, though this may not be in line with point of view, kindly present my opinion in the house for debate. Also, respond on your current position on the issue.

Much thanks to you for your thought of my perspective on this matter. I accept it is a critical issue, and might want to see the enactment amended to guarantee powerful instructive administrations for the people included. Your quick response is highly appreciated.


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