Economics Research Paper on Individual Positional Paper

In the context of the world economy, explain what you understand by ‘globalisation’ and discuss the broad impact of globalisation on one country of your choice.

Support your answer with empirical evidence relating to your chosen country While your essay might consider a number of definitions of globalisation, it should focus particularly on the impact of globalisation on the country of your choice referring to the range of issues explored such as economic development, international trade , multinational enterprise and foreign direct investment, international finance system and crisis, exchange rate and regional economic integration.

You are encouraged to write concisely and to make use of graphs and tables to depict change in key variables over time (i.e. variables relating to imports, exports and trade openness, to foreign direct investment and other international financial flows, to international migration, and so forth) Empirical evidence might also include descriptive data, institutional arrangements and changes in them (e.g. regional integration arrangements, exchange rate systems, membership of international agencies, and so forth), government actions and policy measures (e.g. government strategy and policy associated with economic growth, industry and immigration, and so forth), and more. easy basic english please