“Does Interpersonal Trust Influence Organizational Behavior?” by Aziz Bakay

Article Review

The article “Does Interpersonal Trust Influence Organizational Behavior?” by Aziz Bakay talks about the importance of interpersonal trust among organizational members in an effort to achieve organizational goals. With the increase in diversity and uncertainty especially at the work place, interpersonal trust is considered an attribute of importance. This comes with the exploration of cooperation, reliance, trustworthiness and confidence in regard to both individual and organizational outcomes in order to achieve a mutual accommodation. The article widely explores interpersonal trust with results from different studies conducted on the issue.  It also reveals that trust captures the psychological state of an individual which ranges from managers to employees thus creating confidence in an organization.

The article relates to culture and diversity in the workplace in the sense that people from different cultures have different ideas. These differences represent a valued asset which could be achieved by incorporation of interpersonal trust for the best results within the organization. Interpersonal trust makes employees from different backgrounds comfortable while associating with others thus creating a mutual understanding. This in turn breeds trustworthiness and confidence which would encourage a wide range of customers and diverse ideas from the employees. In short, it creates a much needed sense of security for both employees and managers.

This article explores interpersonal trust from different angles and different cultures and would be suitable in writing a research paper since it provides adequate information on the issue. The author also makes an argument that could be easily understood and translated for application in either an academic platform or at an organizational level. The research brings out the methods used in the study and the results achieved in a chronological manner which makes it easy to access and understand. It is basically a well written and informative research.




Bakay. A. (2015) Does Interpersonal Trust Influence Organizational Behavior? Eurasian Journal of Business and Economics.