Disadvantages of Cloud Computing Essay

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

It is true that cloud computing is fast gaining popularity among several businesses across the world today. This is due to the numerous benefits that the technology offers to consumers. However, it is also important that before you switch off to cloud computing, you should know about some of its drawbacks too. In this way, you are able to make an informed decision on whether it is the most ideal avenue that you should pursue.

Just like other forms of technology, there are also a few disadvantages of cloud computing that you should take note of. One of them is the possible downtime that can occur without internet connection. Cloud computing entirely depends on the internet and in case the connection or network is down, the services are equally down. And, if the connection slows down, you will also experience slow speeds in accessing the services. It should be noted that even if the service providers always take precaution to maintain a great uptime, the risk of possible downtime will still exist.

Another setback that can be experienced with cloud computing is that the safety of your data could be compromised. Cloud computing is mainly dependent on the internet, thus, there is always no guarantee that someone else may hack into your information despite the stringent security measures in place. Most cloud computing service providers will always look for and put in place the latest sophisticated mechanisms to ensure that security of their clients’ data is not prejudiced, however, there are chances too that hackers may breach the security system. There is always a possibility that the privacy of the user of cloud services can be compromised.

Data ownership is yet another issue that has raised concerns in cloud computing. In fact, this can be a major setback especially when you have a lot of data to handle. As of yet, there is no clear answer as to who owns the data that is stored on the cloud between the service provider and the party that uploads the data. There are even certain service providers who will not allow you to upload certain types of data.  Cloud computing service providers come up with their own terms and conditions which may be arbitrary to consumers. Thus, it is always advisable that before hiring any service provider, make sure that you carefully read and understand the small print in order to avoid any inconvenience.

In case you use programs that require an attachment to a hard drive, you will not have the best experience with cloud computing since that kind of provision does not exist with the services. Even though it is believed that elimination of the use of hard drives enhances data management, it is still a requirement that your business might need. Cloud computing is cost effective, however, that is only in the long run. When you are just starting off, you may need to try out various services before settling on the best one for your business and this can be quite costly.

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