Determine common problems associated with multi-project resource scheduling

Determine three (3) most common problems associated with multi-project resource scheduling.

Major problems associated with multi-project scheduling are related to supply because there are broad array of resources that can be distributed in terms of time and human capital. Therefore, studies affirm that it is paramount for project managers to decide how to allocate resources based on need and significance (Athayde 32). However, there are problems associated with multi-project scheduling. First, there is greater confusion when a project manager allocates more resources to a project with the notion that the project is likely to succeed. Multiple projects will create confusion since it may be difficult to ascertain what resources are needed to accomplish certain projects. Second, multi-project resource scheduling creates delay challenges especially when projects are delayed due to provision of resources. Third, it may create coordination problem because project managers must peruse through many projects, ascertain resource requirements while ensuring that resources are used within time and budget constraints.

Analyze at least three (3) ways in which outsourcing project work alleviates those common problems that you determined.

Outsourcing is the act of allocating a project to a third party with the mission of alleviating multi-project resource scheduling problems. First, outsourcing allows a project manager to effectively use limited project resources thus allowing priority in terms of project goals and outcomes. Project managers are able to handle several projects effectively and successfully. Second, outsourcing makes it easy to manage global projects and the project manager does not have to physically manage projects thereby solving the delay problem. Experts assert that this makes it possible for project managers to complete projects timely and within allocated budgets (Taylor 65). Third, outsourcing alleviates management risk and in the process promotes effective coordination to achieve project outcomes. Project coordination in terms of monitoring and evaluation is critical for success of projects, outscoring will delegate management to third party and thus allows for smooth flow of activities.


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