Describe at least three of the six types of informal reports

Informal reports have a key feature in common. They are specific and address a singular issue. Majority of these reports are used in interpersonal communication. Informal reports differ from formal ones in terms of structure, tone, scope, intent, and context. They fundamentally contain five basic elements which are; the introduction, summary, background, conclusion and recommendation and the discussion. The introduction and summary elements essentially present the contents or subject matter to the audience. The background of the report contains the context of the report that can be surmised in one objective statement. This is meant to orient the reader to the history or methodology of the project. The conclusion and recommendation sections are mainly found technical reports and are meant to highlight the findings of a particular report. Similarly, the discussion may also contain a full and detailed information about the entire report.    There are different types of informal reports. They are classified into broad categories based on their; content, length, focus, purpose, category, and format.

One type of informal reports are short reports, these are short in length and concise. These reports only run up to a few pages in length. One such report is a parking ticket. When one receives a ticket the official filling it out is preparing a short report that is singularly focused. The following is an example of a parking ticket.





 Additional violations may result in the vehicle being towed at owners expense

Ref no.  
Description of accused  
Last name First name age


Sex Race  
License no Address    Vehicle make and model
Description of parking violation:



Date: Time:  
Detection method:  
Officer information  
Rank Signature  



Another type of informal reports is those that take the form of various CMAPP products. These include letters, memos, and forms. A memorandum, for instance, is a good example of short informal reports. A memo is usually intended to convey a short message or information between people working in the same organization. Below is an example of a memo sent from the head of the human resources department of a firm to the newly hired associates.

Fig. 2


                                            INTERNAL MEMO

TO:        New Associates

FROM: Human Resources Department


DATE 15th February 2018


Kindly liaise with the IT department for the registration of your new email accounts. Remember to sign off on the company policy forms regarding internet use. Thanks

CC. John Junior








Reports can also be classified according to their purpose. This is a more traditional approach to classifying different types of reports. Common types include sales reports, trip reports, incident reports, progress reports, and test reports. A sales report, for instance, is a short report that documents the products that have been sold by a particular salesperson. They can also include the product prices, the time period over which the sales took place and the individual customers attended to.




Sales person:


Date compiled

Product Reference no Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Qtr 4    
Engine parts File x12g  $                   –  $        1 702.00  $                –  $                –  
Radiator BEx12  $          312.00  $                –  $                –  $                –  
Batteries 03123 $           14500.00 $          100000.00      
Fuel pump Fx12 $           458.00        
Wiring harness 030043 $           –      

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