Describe a time when you participated in a group decision that was not effective.

Describe a time when you participated in a group decision that was not effective. The situation can involve family, work, or social group.

One of my family members has a problem with drinking. As a result, we participated in groupthink with the other family members to try to help him with the problem. It was a tough decision to get to since we knew he would not admit that he has a problem and we did not think he would listen to us. However, we all came together to come up with ideas on how to help him.  We had the idea of either taking him to rehab or letting him work on his own with our help. We decided to assign every one among the family a role. Some were to keep an eye on him, one would talk to him, and one would take him to get the help he needed.

Was the problem easily solved, challenging to solve, or not solved?

The problem was not solved. One of our family members got him where all the other family members were, but he ran away once we went out to talk about what was needed to be said. Upon coming back, we never found him, and we spend the rest of the day looking for him without any luck until we found him in the garage hiding there. We talk to him, and his drinking is a little better now, but still, he has a drinking problem. Whatever we tried to do as a family to help him was not effective at all.

What characteristics of groupthink were involved?

We thought that we were invulnerable; we never thought we could fail. Another characteristic seen among members was the pressure we believed that if we do not help him, he might get hurt or worse die. Self-deception was also seen among us. We shared the illusion that we all agreed with the decision, and we would succeed in helping him.