Cultural Studies Paper on Concepts of Sovereignity

Concepts of Soveigrenity

Social stratification refers to how the society is defined into socioeconomic strata founded on social status, power, and income disparity. The deadlock court case pitting the proprietor of Dolla General and the 13-year-old teenagers exposes some of the significant inequalities within the society. While the store employee is considered a nonmember, the young thirteen-year-old boy is regarded as a member a situation that exposes the feudal and the tribal nature of the society. While the two protagonists work within the same organisation, the difference in their social standing brings open the categorization that raises the question of disparity. The difference in social status of the two individuals raises the fairness of a sovereign of a governing body in deciding on the case presented.

Socioeconomic status entails the combined effort of sociological and economic evaluation of an institution or persons’ social positioning as it relates to others.  Due to the socioeconomic position of the tribal courts, a lot of interference takes place in the dispensation of justice. The tribal courts do not enjoy the ability to govern itself and are exposed to a lot of interference from both state and federal courts. While the tribal courts are deemed to benefit from sovereignty, it has no power to make a judgment that will not pass through. For instance, the Supreme court has the “power to rule against a decision by the tribal court”, a concept that erodes the sovereignty of the tribal courts, exposes them to lack of sound basis of judicial and jurisdiction matters. It thus has the effect of undermining the gains made in establishing legal institutions of justice and fairness. On the other hand, lack of the ability to govern itself creates the impression of lack of democratic ideals for the country and the people in general.

The above concepts can be applied to the attached article to explore the disparity that exists in the society due to differences in social standing and position. Additionally, they can be implemented to the widening gap between persons who have the means and those who do not live in the society. On the other hand, the two concepts can be used to apply and justify, lack of sovereignty amongst individuals in the community.