Criminal Justice Sample Essay on Psychology Criminal Behavior

Psychology Criminal Behavior

Drug-related criminal activities have been on the rise in Canada in recent years. This is an indication that the existing Canadian reform policies are not achieving the objectives, which were set when they were adopted (Blumstein & Wallman, 2006). Most of the people examining the existence of crime have been puzzled with the problem created by drug use in Canada. In fact, they are always concern on coming up with methods that would help in solving drug dependency without affirming this behavior. This is because the corporal punishments on drug offenses have proved to be costly and ineffective.

In order to address this issue in a more effective way, the World Health Organization (WHO) decided to approach it in a special way, which is grounded in treatment as well as scientific research. According to an article in the Corrective Services New South Wales (CSNSW) Compendium of Assessments, one of the scientific research methods used is Alcohol, Smoking, Substance Involvement Test –V3 (ASSIT) method. This method was developed by the WHO. It is primarily used within the healthcare field in identifying Alcohol and Other Drug Dependency (AOD). This method is mainly concerned with the health as well as harm issues rather than dealing directly with crime. However, the article claims that research has always linked drug abuse with crime related behaviors.

According to the CBC news (Schwartz, 2012, December 10), Canadian companies have decided to adapt to the random drug testing in order to drug related crime within the employees. This method is similar to the one employed by the WHO, ASSIT. According to these two articles, both methods will help in providing pre as well as post measures of drug use behaviors within the community. Both articles say that the method will help in decreasing drug use in Canada in an effective way. However, there are some differences on the take of the two article on the subject matter. While the WHO views drug testing as the best method of combating crime, drug testing is seen to be discriminatory according to the article in the CBC news. This is because alcohol dependency is regarded a disability in Canada. Despite this, the article claims that under the Canadian laws, the conundrum involves random testing, similar to that of the WHO. Those supporting it argue that drug testing does no determine impairment.


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