Criminal Justice Paper on Criminal Investigator Job Description

Annotated Bibliography

America’s Job Exchange (2017). Criminal Investigator. Retrieved from

The job exchange post gives a summary of the criminal investigator job as well as a description of the roles and responsibilities associated with the position. The job description given portrays the role as mainly concerned with investigating criminal activities. Examples of crimes handled by criminal investigators are given. In the roles and responsibilities, the post describes duties such as record keeping, sending samples to forensic laboratories and collecting forensic samples. The criminal investigators as described also attend autopsies and take notes, analyze findings from forensic laboratories, collect fingerprints at crime scenes and run the finger prints through federal agency data bases. While the post gives descriptions of the job and its associated responsibilities, it does not provide the requirements for recognition as a criminal investigator. (2017). Federal criminal investigator: job description, duties and salary. Retrieved from

The article on describes the roles of the federal criminal investigator in details. Some of the roles described include gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, investigating crimes and apprehending suspects among others. The post goes further to give detailed requirements for the role, including academic qualifications and the level of experience required. The job of a federal criminal investigator is also stated to be jurisdictional, where one cannot work outside their jurisdiction. The salaries associated with the role are stated to be dependent on their jurisdiction and the level of experience that they possess. In addition to the general job descriptions, the post goes further to provide recommendations on the best schools one can join to be qualified as a federal criminal investigator. The article is relevant to the current study as it provides detailed information about the role.