Criminal Justice Paper on Creating Sustainable Justice

The video by Dr. Paul Farmer addresses the issue of sustainable justice in regard to human rights. The major concern of his talk is health care and how to sustain it in countries which have high poverty levels. It is evident that access to quality health care is a human right and its attainment requires collaborative effort from various investors, such as the government and the community. Accordingly, the most suitable method of attaining success in health care is by providing social empowerment which improves the overall economic status of the people. Providing opportunities for adults to learn or gain skills is a strategy which needs be embraced by organizations investing these countries. As mentioned in the video the concept of cumulative development in key areas such as education, food security and health is the appropriate approaching in creating a sustainable justice system.

The proposed approach is in line with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) which advocate for provision of quality health, education and safe food for all people. Dr. Farmer argues that attaining social change in countries with high poverty levels requires extensive research on the needs of the people rather than imposing activities which are hardly accepted in the community (UCTV). The health sector, along with other areas of development, is affected by political regimes, thus being on the same page with the government helps to advance efforts of eliminating preventable diseases. Furthermore, the cycle of poverty within a country affects health and without strategic actions, resources will continue being channeled to a country without visible effects. Therefore, there is need to implement strategic plans to improve health, education and other social aspects in countries which have high poverty levels.



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