Criminal Justice Assignment Paper on Sexual Violence

Sexual Violence

            Violence is the intentional use of coercion, threats, extreme force against another person which results in abuse or injuries. Violence is a common vice in the society and it is divided into various categories. Sexual violence is one of the categories that refer to any sexual deed, attempt, abusive sexual contact, verbal sexual harassment that is executed and aligned with a person’s wish. Any person can be a victim of sexual violence despite the gender, but it is much common in women than in men. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), sexual violence is a severe public health that violates human rights and exerts painful experience to the victim. Sexual violence involves subduing a person to sexual act without his or her consent, it includes even married people. Sexual violence has been an issue for the longest time and it has not been addressed effectively; therefore, this paper outlines the causes and effects of sexual violence in the community.  

            Both religion and the society have contributed to women’s victimization in the community. This is because women have been viewed as the weaker species to men subduing them to oppression in the society. Chopp and Taylor gives an example of a girl who had dedicated her entire life to the church missions, but the church refused to ordain her because she was a female and in the Bible both Jesus and his disciples were men(25). Similarly, Muslims and Hindus expect total submission of women to men denying them a voice in the community. They are projected to observe man’s rules without questioning or seeking clarification. For these reasons, women fail to express their rights, and they cannot air out their grievances since they are considered to be inferior. Men usually take this advantage simply because the society will not listen to the issues surrounding women. WHO describes violence against women as a cycle they endure in their entire life. During their reproductive age, they experience sexual assault by non-partner; sex trafficking, sexual harassment at work place, and intimate partner violence. The society contributes to sexual violence by ensuring that women are vulnerable in the community. For instance, employers have made it a usual thing to harass women sexually in exchange of employment.

            When women are giving birth, they are sometimes forced to abort or get sterilized against their wish. They are also denied sexual information and education by medical practitioners and their spouses. These are forms of sexual violence incidents that women are subjected to by the society. On the other hand, religion presses infidelity issues to women and they are accused of promiscuity. For example, when a girl gets married in a Muslim setting she is expected to be a pure virgin, but the same case does not apply to men. Men are allowed to marry more than one woman, but women are expected to retain only one husband. Chopp and Taylor assert that male dominance over female has been an issue in Christian theology which presents a societal crisis (141). However, men also fall victim to sexual violence, but it is not pronounced as compared to women assault. Sexual violence is an injustice that risks a person’s health, self esteem and respect in the society. Victims suffer both physically and psychologically. Therefore, women are at a greater risk to different forms of violence due to the society stand on the female species.

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