Criminal Justice Argurmentative Essay on Offender Rehabilitation: DB3

Offender Rehabilitation: DB3

As a correctional administrator in charge of a boot camp filled with male offenders who have committed nonviolent crimes and have a minimum of a high school diploma, I would subscribe a correctional treatment model referred to as the Community Network program. It would be a program that would ensure that these nonviolent offenders are organized in peer groups, live within a certain identified community, engage in peer confrontation groups as well as life skill classes and earn states and civil liberties that would enable them serve as positive role models for other individuals.

This program would improve my facility by ensuring the offenders learn and acquire good ethical values. I would ensure that the program put emphasis on obedience, hard labor, values of education, treatment of drug abuse, counseling as well as the physical training. Through these, the offenders will be able to identify meaningful activities to engage themselves in within the society. The offenders will be able to secure themselves legal employment opportunities, to keep themselves busy and avoid engaging in unlawful acts.

The goal of the community network program would be, to ensure that the offenders secure a meaningful job within the week that they are released, ensure that the offenders enroll in as academic within 14 days of their release, or engage in mandatory drug abuse counseling. Monitoring procedure would include curfew checks and supervision, as well as employment together with other verifications and also home visitations. An alternative method would be employing the electronic monitoring if the non violent offenders were male with a higher education level such as the university graduates. The electronic monitoring is a kind of surveillance which involves attaching an electronic device to an offender’s body that monitors every move of that particular offender.