“Creating a climate and culture for sustainable organizational change”

Article Review

The study “Creating a climate and culture for sustainable organizational change” by Zolghadr & Asgari (2016) is chosen for this paper’s analysis. The primary objective of the study is to investigate whether there is an existing relationship or balance between the organizational behavior of employees and the method used by managers in decision making when it comes to creating a good organizational climate in Gas Company of Zanjan province in Iran. The study’s participants include 180 professions, staffs, and managers of Gas Company and a further 120 individuals randomly sampled using the Cochran formula. The key research design used is survey with questionnaires being used to collect data from the participants. The study’s finding is that there is a balance between organizational behaviors such as commitment, leadership, communication, learning, and motivation, and managers’ decision-making methods, and this creates a good organizational climate in the long run.

The week’s reading highlights how organizations can defeat competitors and become successful in the end. The achievement of this objective depends on how organizations make qualified and fast decisions and implement them effectively while involving customers and other stakeholders. These perspectives are highlighted in the chosen article in its statement of how organizational behaviors influence managers’ decision-making methods that determine whether an organization will be successful or not. In fact, this article stresses the need to align management decision-making with the existing strategies of a company (Zolghadr & Asgari, 2016).

Of course, with the changing entrepreneurial times, there are several studies delving into what organizations should do to succeed in the increasingly competitive markets. There is no doubt that this article can be useful to such studies. One reason for this is that this article underscores the need for good organizational behavior in improving organizational productivity and performance both of which are crucial to fighting competition (Zolghadr & Asgari, 2016). Overall, this article was easy to understand given its layout and clear arguments that are in line with the thesis.




Zolghadr, M., & Asgari, F. (2016). Creating a climate and culture for sustainable organizational change. Management Science Letters6(11), 681-690. Retrieved January 16, 2018, from http://growingscience.com/msl/Vol6/msl_2016_56.pdf