Communications Paper on Writing and Research Skills

Writing and Research Skills

Smith Johnson,

1475, Sesame Street,
Luxembourg, MI 57845
August 5, 2017

Coolio Jones,

1947, Independent Road

Kabul, MA 13678


Dear Coolio,

RE: Benefits of developing and using writing and research skills

It is true that developing writing and research skills play a significant role in my professional and make me more credible and capable. It will improve my verbal and writing skills because as I write it down, I will carefully choose the correct words which make writing to be more eloquent, elegant and concise. This will   help in improving verbal speech as I put words together, phrases, and sentences. I will start to expand vocabulary which will leave a better impression on my audience. It is a mental exercise, as writing and research skills activates some cognitive processes and improves creativity. This will keep my brain sharp, active and acts as a preventive measure against mental illness such as dementia.

I will be able to stockpile great and precious ideas which I will not easily forget but connect them with one another and even come up with new ones through brainstorming. I will be able to recover memories, as it will bring back old and forgotten memories that I would never have thought of. It would enhance my credibility because with writing and research skills, I will be able to get higher grades and be perceived as competent, capable and intelligent. My writing skills will boost my career and professional skills because I will need to communicate at my workplace with colleagues, manager or drafting the company newspaper.

I will present myself as an expert, expand my abilities within my field and provide in depth information that can help with better decision making in my career. I will also discover new options for solving problems and explore ways to make changes. It will enable me to identify the risks that are involved in decision making and help me find the means to reduce those risks.

Yours faithfully,

Smith Johnson.