Communications Paper on Secondary education English teacher

Communications Paper on Secondary education English teacher

The use of a quote to introduce the speech is the most awesome idea Edith had while presenting her speech. The quote helps to capture the attention of her audience to the topic of discussion. But most importantly, the quote helps the listeners to keep thinking about the topic and take note of any adjustments during speech delivery. Moreover, the speech portrays her as a well-read person. This, therefore, helps in creating trust on her audience and dispels the fear of those who might think she is an armature in the field of education.

The strength of Edith’s speech is in her introduction. She achieves the objective of her listeners to be interested in what she wants to say. The explanation about the topic is satisfactory. The best of her speech is when the visits both sides of being an English teacher. This creates a good ground for argument as she has limit biases in her presentation. The presentation should be something that both Edith and her listeners enjoy. The captivity of the speech is of much essence. Therefore, she had a duty to deliver her best all the way from the beginning to the end.

Interestingly, Edith had so many drawbacks in her speech delivery process. It is seen as though she was not well prepared to talk about this topic as she pauses a lot when speaking. Breaking in the middle of a talk is an indication that maybe she did not arm herself with the write words. It may also be an indication of nervousness. The pauses make her audience lost track about what she was saying. Some start imagining their things and so, Edith’s ideas are not passed down well to the target people.

Despite the challenge, she has a weapon to counter her nervousness. The weapon that Edith uses is none other than a smile. A smile is considered to be the greatest weapon as it possesses a charm that has no balm. The smiles make the listeners keep listening to her words even when she is not constructing proper sentences.

It is very evident that this speech did not auger well with Edith and her fans. Before the delivery process, Edith should have well mastered all the words to avoid the stammers and pauses observed during the delivery. Good mastery of the content would be crucial in the development of good none verbal cues. When the words are not well mastered, there occur a disconnection between the words and sign used. The speaker is thus seen to be contradicting herself, and thus listeners lose interest in the content of the talk.

Moreover, the speech could have been awesome if Edith had exploited the skills of tonal variation very well. Since it is mentioned that she had lots of pauses. It is very evident that she communicates all through with one tone which makes her most boring. Her being lackluster is a major drawback to her great messages. Despite the beauty of the script, she is seen to b communicate a senseless message as the listeners cannot make a difference of what matters and the most important issues in the speech. She should have employed varied tones to ensure her various messages are well communicated. The tonal variation is also blended with non-verbal cues, and these would have made her speech the most interesting of all speeches to high school students.