Communication Sample Essay on Role of communication in careers

Role of communication in careers


Communication is an important aspect in everyday life. People cannot stay without communication as information or messages have to be conveyed from one individual to another and this is done through communication. There are numerous ways of communicating. It can be verbal, non-verbal before an audience or it can apply the use of technological innovations such as the internet where people have communicated to one another through the social media and through e-mails. Research shows that communication may play a vital role in the future career of individuals. That is to say, some careers involve communication and this has promoted the success of individuals in such careers. Communication is vital in careers such as nursing, engineering and management among others. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to discuss the role that communication may play in the future careers of various individuals. The paper capitalizes on an interview that was conducted on an individual about the role that communication plays in nursing as a career. The interviewee was known as Florence Mathews. The interview was done at St John’s Hospital on the 26th of February 2014. The interview took around one hour but there were several issues that the interviewee clarified.

During the interview, the interviewee confirmed that communication is very vital in the field of nursing. To begin with, it was confirmed that communication enhances the relationship among the workers at the hospital. That is, the relationship among the nurses and the doctors is enhanced through communication. The interviewee confirmed that communication in the hospital was in various ways involving face-to-face talks and through the use of mobile telephones. Communication in the field of nursing also ensures that there is a good relationship among the nurses and the patients.  Patients often love it when they are talked to more often and given the attention they need. All these are only achieved through communication making it a very vital ingredient in the hospital setting. Additionally, communication has helped in effective time management in health institutions. Nurses and doctors in a number of health institutions have been able to complete their planned activities in time thanks to communication. The interviewee also added that in the field of nursing, proper and effective communication has often helped ensure peaceful coexistence among people. Therefore, in order to promote or rather enhance communication, more ways of communication should be introduced in hospitals. This can include installation of telephones and computers in order to make communication easier and accessible. Florence the interviewee also confirmed that there are different functions of communication in the field of nursing. She articulated that the functions of communication involve persuasion and decision-making. She went ahead and added that the different functions o f communication play specific roles in the hospital.  To begin with, persuasion is important in the nursing career, as the patients have to be persuaded and convinced by the relevant authorities in order to give confidential information that can be of great benefit. Persuasion has also played an important role in a number of health institutions in ensuring that there is effective organizational behavior. The other function of communication; decision-making, plays a role of ensuring effective leadership and management in hospital settings. Most decision-making processes in such institutions are made by the higher authorities. Hence, before a decision is made, there has to be communication in the hospital in order to make all the members of staff aware if disagreements and rebellion are to be done away with.

The interviewee also confirmed that there are specific aspects of communication such as nonverbal communication, listening and writing that are very vital in the nursing career. For instance, non-verbal communication determines the response of a patient. Thus, nurses, doctors and other members of staff have to use the best nonverbal cues if they are to have an easy time with their patients. The cues involve using the right gestures and facial expression when dealing with patients. Listening is a specific aspect of communication that the interviewee confirmed that is also essential in nursing. This is because nurses have to be good listeners if they are to obtain information from the relevant authorities. The patients also have to listen to the nurses and doctors so that they do no misinterpret any instructions given as a particular time. During the interview in the hospital, it was evident that there were particular problems in the hospital and they were attributed to problems of communication within the institution. For instance, it could be observed that the nurses were not in their expected points of work at specific times and this was due to miscommunication. Besides, it was observed that there was poor time management within the institution and this must have been caused by lack of communication between the leaders and the members of staff.

Moreover, in order to execute good communication in settings such as hospitals, one has to undergo training in various aspects of communication. The interviewee confirmed that she had had particular training back in college in a good number of the aspects of communication. This was one of the reasons why she was good in terms of communication with the interviewer and other members of staff in the hospital. The interviewee felt that an aspect of communication such as the use of non-verbal cues was very easy to handle. This is because the use of facial expressions and gestures do not require a lot of investment or capital so as to pass information from one individual to another. On the other hand, she felt that the use of verbal cues was rather expensive and was the most difficult aspect of communication to handle. The interviewee gave recommendations regarding communication in the field of nursing. One of the recommendations was that nurses should undergo special training if they are to exhibit good communication within hospital settings. The other recommendation was that the field of nursing should embrace technology as a way of promoting communication. The interviewee also suggested that nurses should be well informed about whatever goes on in their surrounding so as to be appropriate in their communication.

In conclusion, it is evident that communication plays an integral role in a number of careers. For instance, in the case of the interview, it is brought forth that without communication; there would be several disagreements in health institutions. The disagreements would be among doctors, nurses and patients and this would be a big drawback to the field of nursing. It is also evident that communication is the backbone of day-to-day activities in the world. Some of its positive impacts are that it has ensured peaceful coexistence, good relationship and proper understanding among individuals.