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Response Paper


Various arguments exist concerning the recent technological developments, as evident by the existing literature. As such, there are people who view the recent technological developments positively while others negatively, citing that they lead to moral decadence because of easily availing pornographic materials. Despite the negative arguments concerning technological developments, they greatly simplified many things. For example, technological developments simplified learning and working by availing a wide range of online learning materials, as well as advanced machines. However, the skills for accessing online information and operating the machines are increasingly diversifying, for commensuration with the rapid technological advancements.

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Recent technological developments changed the manner in which people learn and work. This argument is true because technological developments brought in major changes, especially on how people learn and work. For example, nowadays children in the Net children can access a wide range of online information on various disciplines. Similarly, people can perform different complex tasks using machines very fast. Examples of such machines are the Automatic Teller’s which perform many accounting tasks that need hundreds of people to execute them at the same speed and efficiency. 

On the other hand, because of the information existence, skills for accessing it are increasingly diversifying. As such, students in the Net generation must equip themselves with the skills, including the ones on computers in order to effectively, participate in the current society. This argument is true because, without the skills, a person cannot be able to effectively, extract online information. This is because sophisticated software and online database exist nowadays.

Despite, having the skills, the net generation possesses many characteristics including shifting attention rapidly from a given task to another, multitasking, and learning independently, as well as, through discovery. Further, the generation has the ability for retaining and using information innovatively, as well as having competent digital skills. However, the disagreements raised concerning the characteristics of the net generation, have both weaknesses and strengths. For example, it is true that the Net generation learns through discovery because it relies on the existing online information. Further, it is true that the generation has the ability for using the accessed information to innovate new things. This fact is true because most people are nowadays using online information to come up with innovations such as new machines and software. However, the revelation that the Net generation possesses competent digital skills is untrue. This assertion is untrue, because there are people in the current generation, not conversant with the new technology.

Similarly, the studies that sought to assess the Net generation had both strengths and weaknesses. For example, the UK survey established that the Net generation possesses poor internet skills, is not critical, rarely takes part in online politics, and lacks innovative skills in creating websites. These findings are true to some extent since there are people in the current generation who lack innovative skills. Further, the findings are true since the current generation tends to disregard, political issues. However, the findings have certain weaknesses since it is not true that the Net generation lacks internet skills. This argument is not true because most people in the current generation are computer compliant, and thus spend most of their time on social Medias for communication.

Further, the findings of the American life project are true, since most teens nowadays prefer using searching engines in accessing online information. For example, the biggest percentage of teens relies on Google in accessing online information.


From the analysis of the article, it is evident the Net generation possesses, as well as lacks the relevant skills for accessing online information. Thus, based on this fact, it is essential for the parents to develop all the skills of their children in order to enable them effectively interact with the current technological environment. Further, there is the need for transforming the manner of teaching students, in order to enable them conform to the current technological demands. In addition, there is a need for developing online libraries, in order to enable people easily access concrete online information.