Communication Assignment Paper on Cover Page for Resume

Cover Page for Resume

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this to respectively request about the possibility of employment relocation from US Virgin Island to the US Mainland. My father has obtained a job opportunity there, which will start next month, so all my family is relocating there and I wish to be close to them. I have enjoyed working at US Virgin Island for more than twenty years in various companies at different positions and responsibilities in the accounting department. As a graduate student with Associates Degree Accounting at University of Phoenix in 2009, I believe that my knowledge and experience gained makes me an excellent candidate in a related position in your organization. The working environment of US Virgin Island has been challenging and exciting to me and I believe that I have made many positive contributions to the various companies I was involved in. I have learned a lot from my colleagues I have had the privilege to work with, and look forward towards advancing in my professional job here. Indeed, my experience at US Virgin Island has been incredibly rewarding and I would like to be grateful for the opportunity to proceed with my career in your company.

At Bechtel International, a Hovensa Contractor in Virgin Islands, I was hired as a Payroll Supervisor between 2000 and 2002 whereby I managed, calculated, maintained and processed weekly payroll for about 750 employees, processed new hires, re-hires, termination as well as layoffs in E-Track System and Timberline Payroll, answered all employee inquiries, prepared requisitions for overpayment refund checks and investigated premium-posting issues and also created and assigned cost codes so that it could become available for use by other employees. In 2002 and 2004 I got employment with a hardware company where I was appointed as the office Manager. Here, I provided direction and supervision for the support staff, interviewed and hired support personnel, reviewed and recommended salary increases for staff, planned and executed installation of the computer system, point of sale software which is integrated with an accounting system and telephone system, and handled purchase orders to all manufacturers, payable and receivables.

I have also worked as an Account Analyst at Oil Refinery, St. Croix in Virgin Islands between year 2004 and 2012. During this period I took responsibilities such as handling payables, running auditing check and communicated to employees. I also participated in end closing reports for several months whereby I was responsible for activities such as; handling all expense report reimbursements and cash advance for travel purposes, processing cash  journal entries, cash receipts and accounts payable processing, created and recorded monthly accruals, reviewed account coding to process vendor invoices for payment, audited travel expenses and maintained travel authorizations, executed foreign and domestic wire transfers, uploaded positive pay files to bank and check for exceptions, prepared other reports and special projects as requested by the Director or Controller. Additionally, during 2004 to 2006 I was hired by Pinnacle Services, still a Hovensa contractor at Virgin Island as a Timekeeper, Administrative Assistant and Human Resource Coordinator in different occasions. During this time I handled timekeeping for other contractors within the refinery, communicated with contractors and Hovensa Audit Department on a daily basis, closed payroll on a weekly basis for 1200 employees, daily audit service for various contractors through the use of Tru Track and Sap Home and Tools. Finally, I am currently self-employed at St. Croix, Virgin Islands since 2011 where I am acting as a Payroll Consultant. I am handling payrolls for about three small local businesses, process ETPS, unemployment and local tax payments, and prepare a summary payrolls report on monthly, quarterly or yearly.

 The skills and experience I have acquired in these positions over the years as well as my intimate knowledge in accounting gained in school, I believe will be a unique advantage even in your company. Thank you for your time and consideration for this transfer. I look forward to hear from you soon.